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New Data Privacy Laws Greatly Increase a Company’s Cybersecurity Exposure

On January 1, 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) takes effect and most companies … Read More

Is your company getting the most out of its CRM solution?

ARE YOU USING YOUR SOLUTION EFFECTIVELY? For the last twenty years, organizations have invested billions … Read More

The Issue – September 2017

In this issue, Chris Chillingworth discusses how psychology impacts business decision making, and why people make seemingly irrational decisions. The discussion is based on book released earlier this year, The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis, which is a fascinating read. Read More

The Issue – March 2015

In this issue, CFOs2GO Partner Chris Chillingworth, an expert when it comes to high tech manufacturing, software, and service industries, brings to light the questions one of his clients came to him with earlier this year. As you move away from using a simple accounting system to financial management, you may be finding yourself asking the question of converting to cloud computing. Are there any benefits? Chris explains with detailed reasoning regarding this very question. Read More

The Issue – October 2013

“The Armageddon of Paper”
In this issue, guest attorney Lisa Chapman and Chris discuss the benefit and limitations of eDocuments, and how electronic documents are rapidly replacing paper documents. What documents can be digitized and what documents must be originally signed on paper? Read More

The Issue – May 2013

Portals of Information: Essential Websites for Financial Professionals
In this issue, we have broken with our traditional, single-topic-focused discussion in order to provide a digest of essential websites financial professionals use to carry out their daily responsibilities. Read More