Topic: Restructuring Challenges

What is the Right Level of Financial Leadership in a Rapidly Growing Business?

In this blog, Bob builds on his previous blog “Is it Time to Hire a CFO?” and addresses the full range of financial leadership and accounting positions between bookkeeper and CFO that can be required when a company is experiencing the dynamics of growth. He goes further into commenting on financial titles and to what businesses they are relevant to. Read More

The Issue – April 2015

” How to have an ERP System on Steroids.”

In this issue, CFOs2GO Partner Chris Chillingworth, discusses how to get the most out of your cloud-based ERP system and some of the pitfalls, especially when adding third party modules. Have questions or need further assistance? Chris’s contact information is listed in The Issue – April 2015. Read More

The Issue – October 2014

In this issue, Founder and CEO Bob Weis, answers the complicated Mergers and Acquisitions question, “when should I sell?”. The reasons, supported by current and former CFO’s and their M & A experience, tend to fall into three broad categories: personal situation, market situation, and business situation. Continue reading to find out Bobs’ and their thoughts on each situation and the insightful take away lessons they have to offer. Read More

The Issue – September 2014

In this issue, CFOs2Go Partner Chris Chillingworth, proposes a sound methodology on how to become, and remain, proactive on the individual and corporate levels. A few key points Chris incorporates are: have a plan, when to enlist assistance, understand obstacles, and embrace technology. Read More

The Issue – February 2013

Maximize your value to a Strategic Buyer
In this issue, Guest Author, guest contributor Sima Hsu, Managing Director of Sima Consultancy, offers her insight into assisting strategic business sellers maximize the value of their companies through planning and preparation, and avoiding pitfalls often encountered by small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s). Read More

The Issue – October 2012

In this issue, Founder and CEO Bob Weis, covers the top ten challenges that an international company faces when entering the US market. He further discusses the solutions that CFOs2GO has provided clients to address them. Read More