Topic: accounting systems

New Lease Accounting Standards Curfew December 31… Do You Know Where Your Balance Sheet Is?

Lease accounting to comply with new Accounting Standards Update (ASU) under FASB 842(US) and IFRS … Read More

The Issue – Summer 2016

“Advanced Financial Analysis”

In this issue, Chris discusses various tools and techniques that financial analysts, managers, employees, customers, vendors and bankers use to assess the financial health of a company and where it’s going that may not be apparent in the reading of the traditional Income Statement and Balance Sheet. A fictitious case history is included to illustrate the point. Have questions or need further assistance? Chris’s contact information is listed in The Issue – Summer 2016. Read More

Why You Should Not Use Excel for Financial Reporting

In this blog, CFOs2GO lead partner of Real Estate and Construction Practice, Bill Klein, shares his experience as Consulting CFO for a Construction Company and discusses why, in his point-of-view, Excel should not be used for financial reporting and the errors that result from not using good accounting systems. Read More

The Issue – October 2013

“The Armageddon of Paper”
In this issue, guest attorney Lisa Chapman and Chris discuss the benefit and limitations of eDocuments, and how electronic documents are rapidly replacing paper documents. What documents can be digitized and what documents must be originally signed on paper? Read More

The Issue – May 2013

Portals of Information: Essential Websites for Financial Professionals
In this issue, we have broken with our traditional, single-topic-focused discussion in order to provide a digest of essential websites financial professionals use to carry out their daily responsibilities. Read More