Past Event Event: “The Safe Investor” Book Launch with Timothy McCarthy

Event Date: February 12, 2014

“Safe Investor” book launch with Tim McCarthy

CFOs2Go hosted the launch of Timothy McCarthy’s new book, The Safe Investor: How to Make Your Money Grow in a Volatile Global Economy.

Author Tim McCarthy speaks with invitees

Author Tim McCarthy speaks with invitees

The book launch for our Family Office clients and partners was a huge success.   In presenting “The Safe Investor”, Tim highlighted key insights from the book and offered compelling real life examples from his global experience.

  • Grow your investments in a low-interest rate world
  • Invest in the right countries
  • Earn enough money to last you through retirement

Key Takeaways from Tim’s presentation

• There are 20+ developing nations posed to become “developed” and offer excellent investment possibilities

• You cannot solely invest in large US multi-nationals to gain exposure to the international market

• Demographic trends tremendously impact investment return


Tim McCarthy’s background

• Former vice president of the Fidelity Investment Group

• President and COO of Charles Schwab & Co.

• Head of Jardine Fleming, UT, Goodmorning Securities and for past seven years Nikko Asset Management

• Harvard MBA

We would be glad to discuss financial matters with you; for your business or family office.


SAfe investor book cover“I’ve read his manuscript and like his impartial look at investing and the industry. As he is purposely not affiliated with any firm, he can speak frankly and even critically. I love his focus on how not to lose your capital, yet still grow your assets more than just leaving it in a bank.   He has helped me in how to manage advisors

Robert Weis, President CFOs2GO

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