All About COOs

Do you wonder about what exactly is a COO? People often have questions about this role.
What does a COO do for an organization? What are the key benefits to the CEO or owner? How do we know if we need one? What if we don’t need a whole one (full-time one)? Where do these mysterious COO creatures come from, and what makes them tick?

These are all great questions, and they are asked by almost every organization at some point or other.

Do our 2GO Advisory Group, have all of the answers for you? Maybe. Maybe not. At the very least, Peter Gray, partner for COOs 2GO, sheds additional light on these rare beasties. Take a moment to listen and learn about the value they bring to organizations.


Run Time: 07:10 Partner: Peter Gray Practice Group: Agriculture Business, Cleantech, Consumer Products, Family Offices, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Healthcare and Life Science, International, Manufacturing, Non-Profit, Professional Services, Real Estate Development and Construction, Small Business, Start-ups, Rapid Growth Companies and pre-IPO, Strategic Services

Peter Gray brings years of comprehensive operational management experience to our clients seeking guidance and surefire methods for top operational performance. He helps business executives to develop and grow their businesses by offering expert ways to implement their operations, finance, growth and product management. He helps companies to integrate innovative methods and strategies so they function effectively.