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Top Ten Mistakes Startups Make and How to Avoid Them was presented by Chris Chillingworth and Royse Law as a webinar on September 23, 2014. A recording is available  for viewing here.  As well, a summary  of the topic in an article co-authored by Chris Chillingworth and Lisa Chapman can be found here.

If you would like to discuss specific challenges please feel free to call me, Chris Chillingworth (408) 309-1343.


Safe investor book coverBook Launch:  CFOs2GO hosted a book launch and signing with author Timothy McCarthy for his new book, “The Safe Investor”.  Learn some of the insights shared  at this fun and informative event  for individual investors and those that advise them.  Learn more

When: Wednesday,  February 12, 2014  from 5-7 pm at our Walnut Creek offices


“The Issue” CFOs2GO Partner Newsletter

Find complete past issues of the newsletter to download and read.

The Issue – July 2015
“Higher Interest Rates are Coming: What Should You Do?”, by Tom Byrom

In this issue, Advisory Partner Tom Byrom discusses the coming of higher interests, their impact on various sectors of the economy, and what you should do now in the face of rising rates.


The Issue - April 2015 cover dropThe Issue – April 2015
“How to Have an ERP System on Steroids: Financial Management Enhancements for the Cloud”, by Chris Chillingworth

In this issue, CFOs2GO Partner Chris Chillingworth, discusses how to get the most out of your cloud-based ERP system and some of the pitfalls, especially when adding third party modules. Have questions or need further assistance? Chris’s contact information is listed in The Issue – April 2015.


The Issue - March 2015 cover dropThe Issue – March 2015
“Growing Pains and Desktop Software, Is It Time To Move To The Cloud?”, by Chris Chillingworth

In this issue, CFOs2GO Partner Chris Chillingworth, brings to light the questions one of his clients came to him with earlier this year. As you move away from using a simple accounting system to financial management, you may be finding yourself asking the question of converting to cloud computing. Are there any benefits? Chris explains with detailed reasoning regarding this very question.


The Issue - January 2015 cover dropThe Issue – January 2015
“Bulletin: California’s New Paid Sick Leave, The Law applies to all employers, public or private, regardless of size”, by Jeff Snyder

In this issue, guest author Jeff Snyder, Attorney at Law, Shuman Snyder LLP, outlines what the paid sick leave law entails, what employees are potentially exempt, and when it must be fully integrated into your firm. Have questions or need further assistance? Jeff’s contact information is listed in The Issue – January 2015.


The Issue - October 2014 cover dropThe Issue – October 2014
“Looking to Sell Your Company? Gain from the recent perspective of experienced professionals” By Bob Weis

In this issue, Founder and CEO Bob Weis, answers the complicated Mergers and Acquisitions question, “when should I sell?”. The reasons, supported by current and former CFO’s and their M & A experience, tend to fall into three broad categories: personal situation, market situation, and business situation. Continue reading to find out Bobs’ and their thoughts on each situation and the insightful take away lessons they have to offer.


The Issue - September 2014 cover dropThe Issue – September 2014
“Becoming Proactive, Develop a Propensity for Action” By Chris Chillingworth

In this issue, CFOs2Go Partner Chris Chillingworth, proposes a sound methodology on how to become, and remain, proactive on the individual and corporate levels. A few key points Chris incorporates are: have a plan, when to enlist assistance, understand obstacles, and embrace technology. To protect yourself against any losses you cannot afford, self insure yourself by continuing to read the latest Issue.


The Issue - Summer 2014 cover dropThe Issue – Summer 2014
“The Affordable Care Act, What Small Employers Should Expect from 2014 and Beyond” By Jason Lombardi

In this issue, guest Jason Lombardi, Vice President of Employee Benefits at Vita Insurance Associates, covers key items of The Affordable Care Act (ACA) such as: small group premium changes, network changes, formulary changes, out-of-pocket maximum, and grandmothering. Small group employers (employers with 2-50 employees) need to be aware of the changes they will be seeing in their premium rating structure, medical plan design and network availability. Keep reading to find out more information of each change and how it will apply to your company.


The Issue - June 2014 cover dropThe Issue – June 2014
“From Out of the Trenches, Lessons Learned from Recruiting Senior-level Executives” by Jodi Avina

In this issue, Director of Recruiting Operations Jodi Avina, shares what the challenges are in attracting the perfect candidate, and sheds light into the amount of forethought, planning and evaluation before a placement is made with a company. The role of an outside recruiter remains important to companies needing to attract top senior executive level talent in a competitive market place like the Bay Area.


The Issue – May 2014
“409A, What it is and why do we need one?” by Ed O’Dea

In this issue, CFOs2Go Partner Ed O’Dea discusses what a 409A valuation is and why you might need one if you are a private business issuing stock options. Ed first focuses on “Pricing employee stock options” then walks through the “fair market value rule”. Don’t worry, he provides guidance factors and suggests three approaches to help determine the company’s value.


The Issue – April 2014Apr14 Newsletter cover drop
“Top Ten Mistakes Startups Make and how to avoid them” by Chris Chillingworth

In this issue, guest attorney Lisa Chapman and Chris revisit basic blocking-and-tackling issues and discuss how certain lessons are never learned, oft repeated, or just plain ignored. This edition will remind us of the mistakes many startups typically make during their company’s infancy stage and how to move onto the right path.


Jan14 Newsletter cover dropThe Issue – January 2014
“Lease Accounting Changes May Impact Your Ability to Borrow!  Talk to your Lender: Pervasive Change is coming” by Chris Chillingworth

In this issue,  we discuss the coming Lease Accounting changes, but more importantly the negative impact the proposed accounting will have on financial covenants used by lender’s to determine borrower’s compliance with the terms of the loan. Many borrowers will find that the simple implementation of this new standard will put them in breach of their loan. This is really a call-to-action for all borrowers with loan covenants to get out in front of this issue with their lenders, before they find themselves in breach.


Nov13 Newsletter cover dropThe Issue – November 2013
“Talent Acquisition Strategies for International Companies: Using RPO’s to drive efficient recruiting” by Bob Weis

In this issue, Managing Partner Bob Weis discusses talent acquisition strategies for foreign companies doing business in the U.S. and the benefits of using Recruitment Process Outsourcing to drive efficient recruiting.


Oct13 Newsletter cover dropThe Issue – October 2013
“The Armageddon of Paper: Technology has given Paperpushers a bad Wrap”
by Chris Chillingworth

In this issue, guest attorney Lisa Chapman and Chris discuss the benefit and limitations of eDocuments, and how electronic documents are rapidly replacing paper documents. What documents can be digitized and what documents must be originally signed on paper?


Summer13 Newsletter cover dropThe Issue – Summer 2013
“Big Data and the Small Business: What is it, how is it used and should you embrace it?” By Doug Kennedy

In this issue, we introduce you to Big Data, what it is and whether small businesses should embrace it. Big Data is getting a lot of attention in the news these days, and it’s not just the corporate giants that are taking advantage of it.


May13 Newsletter cover dropThe Issue – May 2013

“Portals of Information: Essential Websites for Financial Professionals” by Chris Chillingworth

In this issue, we have broken with our traditional, single-topic-focused discussion in order to provide a digest of essential websites financial professionals use to carry out their daily responsibilities.


April13 Newsletter cover dropThe Issue – April 2013
“Is Excel dead?” by Chris Chillingworth

At a recent technology conference, the death of Excel was forecast by one of the major ERP vendors. In this issue, we dispel that notion, highlighting Excel’s enduring strengths and pointing to a number of Excel-based solutions that we, at CFOs2GO, have developed which most of the ERP vendors have not (and probably won’t) address.


Feb13 Newsletter Cover dropThe Issue – February 2013
“Maximize your value to a Strategic Buyer” by Sima Hsu

In this issue, guest contributor Sima Hsu, Managing Director of Sima Consultancy, offers her insight into assisting strategic business sellers maximize the value of their companies through planning and preparation, and avoiding pitfalls often encountered by small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s).


Jan13 Newsletter Cover dropThe Issue – January 2013
“Crowdfunding” by Chris Chillingworth

In this issue, we discuss the emergence of crowdfunding, an old idea with a new twist, and raise issues about the accounting and tax treatment of crowdfunding proceeds, which are yet unsettled.


CaptureIssue“The Issue” – October 2012 
“Entering the US Market” by Bob Weis

In this issue,  we cover the top ten challenges that an international company faces when entering the US market and the solutions that CFOs2GO has provided clients to address them.


Capture issueThe Issue – September 2012
“Why ESOPs? A:  Liquidity Without Loss of Control” by Doug Kennedy

In this issue, we discuss the pros and cons of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), an often overlooked area for generating liquidity to company owners without giving up control.


In the News

Veteran Wind Energy CFO Joins CFOs2GO as Partner; Jerry Johnson to establish and lead cleantech finance practice. Walnut Creek, CA, October 21, 2014. Read More.


Bob Weis Profile picture Fin Man NewsInterview with Bert Martinez of “Money For Lunch” profiling Bob Weis and the building of CFOs2GO, providing insights into decisions and turning points that helped grow the company to the success it is today.



MoneyforLunch logoBert Martinez interviewed Bob Weis on his popular radio talk show “Money For Lunch” delving into the beginnings of CFOs2GO, the unmet needs in the market that led to the company’s founding and rapid growth, and the role that interim CFOs can play in today’s business environment. Includes audio recording and transcript.


SVBJ article thumbnailInterview with Lauren Hepler of the Silicon Valley Business Journal of owner and founder of CFOs2GO, Bob Weis. “You Can Date a CFO before Marriage” Silicon Valley Business Journal November 22, 2013

“In the dark ages before the dotcom boom, Robert Weis saw a market opening among Silicon Valley startups that didn’t have the capacity to hire full-time finance chiefs.  Almost three decades after he founded CFOs2Go, his operation has ballooned into a mini- executive-for-hire empire. ”


Main Street Mix logoInterview on “Main Street Mix” with Bob Weis about his experiences and the lessons that he learned in building CFOs2GO and would offer to young professionals.   Bob shares in this recording what drove him to establish the company, his greatest obstacles to starting and running a successful staffing firm which are different than other company’s, as it required him to heavily rely on something that is undervalued, but essential to any entrepreneur (his story shares it all). Listen in to discover what Bob feels is the most important trait for an entrepreneur to develop. He also shares how he deals with daily challenges and even shares with us how he has managed to create more time for his work, without compromising his personal life.  Listen to the recording here  Recording and Transcript: (27 min 46 sec)

Press Releases

Commercial Banking Specialist Joins CFOs2GO as Partner
Tom Byrom to establish and co-lead financial services practice
Walnut Creek, CA, June 23, 2015 – CFOs2GO, a leading provider of consulting CFO expertise and placement services for interim, part-time and direct hire positions, today announced that Tom Byrom has joined the firm as a Partner and will develop and co-lead a financial services practice.

Tom brings over 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry including having served as the CFO of several banks and the CEO of two bank holding companies.  He has held the position of CFO and Chief Investment Officer for a private equity fund that raised $160 million from institutional investors, acquired seven portfolio companies, merged those companies into one entity, and brought that entity public.

Tom’s expertise will be combined with that of Jess Gutierrez, former CFO at multiple credit unions and banks, as they co-lead the Financial Services Practice.  “Our focus will be on banking, credit union and non-bank lenders,” said Tom, “facing the challenges of rapid technology innovation, regulatory change and rising customer expectations.” “We have expertise in financial service strategy, governance, financial reporting, internal controls, business planning, financial systems, organization development and know how banks, credit unions and non-bank lenders make money.”  He will join a team of experts in the 2GO group of companies.

Robert Weis, founder and managing partner of CFOs2GO said, “We welcome Tom to our team of seasoned consulting CFOs, CIOs and veteran recruiters who are accomplished at helping CEOs and senior executives face and address financial management matters.  Tom will be a valuable addition to the team allowing us to confidently extend our services to the banking and credit union industry.”  “The financial services sector is under intense disruptive pressure due to innovative mobile and Internet firms.  With our firm’s broad expertise and Tom Byrom and Jess Gutierrez leading the charge we have a lot to offer the financial services industry”, he added.

Tom Byrom has a BA and MBA from Stanford University.

About CFOs2GO

CFOs2GO provides financial expertise on an interim and consulting basis and recruitment for direct hire positions to clients nationwide and internationally from offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley.  Our team is hand-picked from practicing CFOs with an average of 25 years of experience across a broad range of industries and practice areas, including expertise in International Business, Treasury Management, Corporate Finance, Enterprise Risk Management, SEC Reporting, Financial Modeling and Analysis, Project Management, Succession Planning, Startups, Equity Crowd Funding, Turnarounds and Bankruptcy, Strategic Planning, Corporate Restructuring, Cleantech and Financial Services.  CFOs2GO is designed to produce significant client value through a interweaving of both consulting and recruiting capabilities, each supporting and enhancing the other.  www.cfos2go.com