For all organizations, little energizes teams more than having a healthy bottom line. It ensures a pervasive sense of security and lets you focus on pursuing the true strategic imperatives of the organization.

Businesses face an unending variety of challenging circumstances: flat or declining revenue, hyper-uncontrolled growth, a disengaged executive/leadership team, changing and challenging economic conditions, a lack of capital to fund operations and growth, technological challenges and even fundamental industry transformation. When facing any or all of these, having a proven and experienced Chief Operating Officer is essential — not only to survive but to thrive in an ever-changing global economy.

A qualified COO is fundamental to any organization to grow both revenue and profits while executing on strategic priorities. The COO leads, aligns, focuses and unifies the many functions operating. The COO is accountable for all of the functional areas of the business and for ensuring they collectively hit the quarterly and annual milestones, targets, all while keeping the P&L on track.

In doing so, the COO supports the CEO an ensures he or she can focus externally on driving top line growth and on securing valuable new relationships, resulting in a stronger organizational presence (and performance) in the marketplace.

COOs2GO clients count on us to provide: a significant increase in growth and value; a motivated, engaged, and collaborative executive/leadership team, a getting-on-the-same-page of the different functional areas of the organization; a business built on a solid foundation and poised to weather almost any situation.

We provide essential inside-the-organization executive leadership expertise on an advisory, part-time, interim, or full-time direct-hire basis.

COOs2GO has established expertise in more than 24 industries and practice areas. We offer precise, focused expertise for each client, in both industry-specific and situational-specific circumstances. Situational practice areas include start-ups and rapid growth, mature businesses with flat revenue trends, businesses with declining revenue trends in need of a turnaround, and situations in which the owners are wanting to exit, and or are in need of pre M&A advisory services.



Practice Leader – Peter Gray

Peter Gray brings years of comprehensive operational management experience to our clients seeking guidance and surefire methods for top operational performance. He helps business executives to develop and grow their businesses by offering expert ways to implement their operations, finance, growth and product management. He helps companies to integrate innovative methods and strategies so they function effectively.

We Meet Your Specific Needs

COOs2GO is a uniquely different firm positioned to offer significant value to our clients by interweaving both advisory capabilities with staffing and recruiting capabilities, each supporting and enhancing the other. This arrangement enables us to assess and respond quickly and appropriately to the requirements of our Clients’ needs, based entirely on the situation at hand. We offer a full spectrum of solutions to fit your needs and budget, ranging from initial assessments to consulting projects, all the way through to the placement of full-time executives and staff.

Consulting Projects: When you have a specific concern with a defined objective, a project-based engagement enables you to plan and execute a project using a 3-step plan of action: assessment, review of recommendations, and the implementation of solutions. These projects have a specific budget and or timeframe. Our consulting COOs are available to start project-based engagements within 7 business days after the initial consultation and will provide immediate value to you and your organization.

Part-Time COO: When the cost of engaging a full-time COO is cost- prohibitive, COOs2GO provides ongoing part-time COO services to ensure you have the resources necessary to generate and grow revenue. We work with your executive team to identify the amount of time and effort needed and customize your ideal part-time business leadership and internal performance solution.

Full-Time Interim COO: If you need an interim COO for a vacated position while you search for a for a regular, full-time replacement. COOs2GO maintains a pool of qualified talent to ensure we fill roles you need on a timely basis.

Full-Time Direct-Hire: As your organization grows, we assist you in hiring the right long-term executive or staff members you need. We help you find the right strategy consulting or project management person who meets job competencies, apptitude and cultural fit.

Coaching: We offer executive coaching programs to senior executives who wish to do the work themselves. Typical coaching programs are one-hour sessions held each week, four times per month, for a duration of 3 to 12 months.

Assessments: We offer industry customized assessments for small, medium and large organizations, typically in two to six weeks initial engagements.


Our areas of expertise include:

  • STRATEGY & EXECUTION – Creation, Validation and Execution of Strategies
  • NEW INITIATIVES – Evaluation, Prioritization, Execution & Project Management of new initiatives/projects
  • OPERATIONS – Holistic coordination between Functions and performance across all Functions/Departments. Marketing, Sales, Production, Finance, HR and IT all working smoothly together for the benefit of the Company
  • ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE – Problem Solving, Best-Person-for-the-Job, Milestone achieving Teamwork based on a “We are All In This Together” mission focus. Everyone living and exhibiting the Company Values on a daily basis.
  • ACHIEVING GROWTH – Ensuring top line growth in a supportable way that maintains quality of Product/Service while protecting and growing the bottom line.
  • CREATING ASSET VALUE – Systematizing and documenting the Company’s operations. Ensuring that companies can operate and grow without needing the Owners to be working in the business themselves.


Results For Our Clients

  • FINANCIAL – A substantial increase in scalable and sustainable revenue while protecting Pre-Tax Profit Margins
  • VALUATION – A higher valuation for owners based on annual pre-tax income, assets and equity appreciation
  • OPPORTUNITY – The ability to take advantage of new opportunities and new markets through internal prioritization and execution using the appropriate resources
  • FOCUS – A high-performing, engaged, and cohesive employee-centric business that serves Customers at every step
  • PEACE – A greater well-being for the business owner, senior executives, and the organization


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