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For all organizations, nothing captures the immediate attention of every stakeholder like the top-line. Whether a business is faced with flat or declining revenue, hyper-uncontrolled growth, a disengaged management team, changing and challenging conditions, or a lack of capital to fund operations and growth, having a proven and experienced Chief Revenue Officer is essential to not only survive but to thrive in an ever-changing global economy.

A qualified CRO is fundamental to any organization needing to grow revenue, one who leads, aligns, unifies, and is ultimately accountable for the marketing, sales, and customer success teams. In doing so, the customer’s journey is positively influenced and impacted, resulting in a life-long customer and advocate.

The results CROs2GO clients receive are: a significant increase in revenue; a motivated, engaged, and collaborative marketing and sales team; a business built on a solid foundation poised to weather any situation. We provide essential marketing, sales, and customer success leadership expertise on an advisory, part-time, interim, or full-time direct-hire basis.

Practice Leaders –  Brian Dunkel and Mark Quesenberry


Areas of Expertise

    • MARKETING – Market assessment, marketing strategy development, product/service innovation, and pricing
    • PROMOTION – Positioning, branding, messaging, digital marketing, and traditional advertising
    • GO-TO-MARKET – Market segmentation, distribution channel selection, and new markets expansion
    • SALES STRATEGY – Sales planning, sales processes, talent management, territory administration, customer retention, and recurring revenue streams
    • SALES OPERATIONS – Metrics and data analytics, forecasting and pipeline management, CRM administration, and compensation plan development
    • CUSTOMER SERVICE – Monitoring of delivery and installation, customer training and support, product service and repair to fulfill promise to customer
    • PEOPLE – Organizational structuring, executive and staff recruiting, and culture and leadership development


Results For Our Clients

    • FINANCIAL – A substantial increase in scalable and sustainable revenue
    • SIMPLICITY – A revenue generation system built on a simple, proven, and comprehensive methodology
    • VALUATION – A higher valuation for shareholders in both in income and equity appreciation
    • OPPORTUNITY – The ability to take advantage of new opportunities and new markets through value-innovation
    • FOCUS – A high-performing, engaged, and cohesive marketing and sales-centric business
    • PEACE – A greater well-being for the business owner, senior executives, and the organization
    • SIGNIFICANCE – An increase in the value provided to all stakeholders, including customers, colleagues, suppliers, and the community


CROs2GO is recognized as the premier provider of revenue growth expertise and the comprehensive solutions our clients want and need. Our methodology is to assess your specific situation, align your needs with your budget, determine the optimal course of action, and allocate resources accordingly. We assign activities based on the level of expertise needed to accomplish the task. Senior executives are assigned executive tasks, junior managers with managerial tasks, and staff employees with support tasks. We treat your project and your budget the way we would treat our own.

With a deep talent pool of true, trusted marketing and sales professionals, our team is uniquely qualified to position your business on the leading edge of value innovation and ensure that you are taking advantage of all revenue-generating opportunities. Combined with the complementary and comprehensive solutions of The 2GO Group, including finance, accounting, IT services, and recruiting, CROs2GO is your trusted advisor in driving your business growth and prosperity.


Practice Groups

CROs2GO has established expertise in more than 24 industries and practice areas. We offer precise, focused expertise for each client, in both industry-specific and situational-specific circumstances. Situational practice areas include start-ups and rapid growth, mature businesses with flat revenue trends, businesses with declining revenue trends in need of a turnaround, and situations in which the owners are wanting to exit, and or are in need of pre M&A advisory services.


CROs2GO is uniquely different from other firms and is positioned to offer significant value to our clients by interweaving both advisory, staffing, and recruiting capabilities, each supporting and enhancing the other. This arrangement enables us to assess and respond quickly and appropriately to the requirements of our clients’ needs, based entirely on the situation at hand. We offer a full spectrum of solutions to fit your needs and budget, ranging from half-day workshops to consulting projects, all the way through to the placement of full-time executives and staff.

Consulting Projects: When you have specific concern with a defined objective, a project-based engagement enables you to plan and execute a project using a 3-step plan of action: assessment, review of recommendations, and the implementation of solutions. Such a project occurs within a specific budget and or timeframe. Our consulting CROs are available to start project-based engagements within 7 business days after the initial consultation and will provide immediate value to you and your organization.

Part-Time CRO: In some cases, the cost of engaging a full-time CRO may be cost- prohibitive based on current circumstances. CROs2GO provides ongoing part-time CRO services to ensure that you have the resources necessary to generate and grow revenue. We work with your executive team to identify the amount of time and effort needed and customize your ideal part-time marketing and sales solution.

Full-Time Interim CRO: Occasionally, you may need an interim CRO for a vacated position while you search for a for a regular, full-time replacement. CROs2GO maintains a pool of qualified talent to ensure we fill roles you need on a timely basis.

Full-Time Direct-Hire: As your organization grows, we assist you in hiring the right long-term executive or staff members you need. We help you find the right marketing or sales person who meets job competencies, aptitude and cultural fit.

Coaching: We offer executive coaching programs to senior executives who wish to do the work themselves. Typical coaching programs are one-hour sessions held each week, four times per month, for a duration of 3 to 12 months.

Workshops: We offer topic customized workshops for small groups, typically in half and full day sessions.


How CROs2GO is Different: The Best of 2 Worlds

CROs2GO offers the best of two worlds, advisory and recruiting services. The 2GO Group Recruiting Team uses a proven process to ensure positive staffing and hiring outcomes when placing executive and staff candidates in both short-term and long-term positions to support your business.

A unique element of CROs2GO is the alignment of our recruiters and our fellow team members at CFOs2GO, CIOs2GO, Accounts2GO, and IT2GO. This integration provides access to industry and situational experts that enable our recruiters to understand the demands of the roles needed to be filled.  It also allows our recruiters to integrate a consulting CRO into the recruiting process in order to assess the marketing and sales leadership and management skills of a candidate.

With a proprietary database of more than 50,000 candidates, insights gleaned from more than 100,000 phone interviews, countless conversations with candidate references, plus more than 10,000 face-to-face interviews, our proven recruiting process reliably develops relationships with high-quality and highly-qualified candidates across many areas and levels of expertise. Clients can count on placement of qualified candidates who are an ideal match to the situation at hand, a shortened recruiting cycle, lowered hiring costs, and the mitigation of hiring risk.

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