For all organizations, nothing captures the immediate attention of every stakeholder like top-line revenue. Whether a business is faced with flat or declining revenue, hyper-uncontrolled growth, a disengaged management team, changing and challenging conditions, or a lack of capital to fund operations and growth, having a proven and experienced Chief Revenue Officer is essential to not only survive, but to thrive in an ever-changing global economy.

A qualified CRO is fundamental to any organization needing to grow revenue, one who leads, aligns, unifies, and is ultimately accountable for the marketing, sales, and customer success teams.

The mission of CROs2GO is focused… to help middle-market clients grow top-line revenue by creating a results-driven, comprehensive system of revenue growth, resulting in a business that is built on a solid foundation and poised to weather any situation.

Practice Leaders –  Mark Quesenberry


Problems With Massive Implications

  • Flat or declining revenue trend with little or no understanding of why or how to fix
  • Hyper-uncontrolled growth that is outpacing cash and earnings
  • Undefined approach to growth using a “seat of the pants” approach
  • Internally focused and product-centric, not market-centric and customer focused
  • Team or departments are siloed and experiencing conflict
  • Low employee engagement, low productivity, and high turnover indicating you may have a culture problem
  • High customer attrition and churn indicating that you are not fulfilling your promise to the customer
  • Improper use of technology and tools
  • Ineffective and inefficient lead generation process
  • Unprepared for future event, including a liquidity event and or management succession
  • Unprepared for changing circumstances – COVID, economy, political, technological, societal


Beneficial Results to Clients

  • Financial: substantial increase in scalable and sustainable revenue
  • Simplicity: revenue generation system built on a simple, proven, and comprehensive methodology
  • Valuation:  higher valuation for shareholders in both in income and equity appreciation
  • Opportunity: ability to take advantage of new opportunities and new markets through value-innovation
  • Focus: high-performing, engaged, and cohesive marketing and sales-centric business
  • Peace: greater well-being for the business owner, senior executives, and the organization
  • Significance: increase in the value provided to all stakeholders, including customers, colleagues, suppliers, and the community


Providing Solutions through Areas of Expertise

  • Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success
  • Influence and Change Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Early Stage or Rapid Growth
  • Turnarounds and Crisis Management
  • M&A and Exit Preparation



  • Focus on a complete revenue system, not just sales operations and training
  • Proprietary models and frameworks for growth
  • Proven history of delivering value to clients
  • Full C-Suite Advisory: Revenue, Operations, Finance, Information, Human Resources
  • Advisory services combined with recruiting services


  • Fractional Chief Revenue Officer: part-time expertise
  • Consulting projects: assess, recommend, and implement solutions
  • Coaching programs: executive advisement and accountability partners
  • Workshops: training programs on various topics of expertise
  • Talent acquisition: full-time interim or direct hire placement


CROs2GO offers the best of two worlds, advisory and recruiting services. The 2GO Group Recruiting Team uses a proven process to ensure positive staffing and hiring outcomes when placing executive and staff candidates in both short-term and long-term positions to support your business.

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