CIOs2GO Services

CIOs2GO provides executive-level computing and IT talent on an “as needed” basis applying a combination of Consulting and Interim CIO services based on the expressed needs and requirements of the client.

Consulting Services

Depositphotos_29873523_l(1)Our Consulting CIOs work short-term projects focused on assessment and review of your information and technology needs. Our team provides specific domain expertise by practice area to meet the needs of each unique situation. With our breadth and depth of skills, our team is scalable to address your individual needs while also addressing short-term timelines typical to the ever changing world of technology. We work with you to ensure we understand your specific concerns, develop the proper consulting approach and mix of resources, then place the best-fit consulting team to address your information or technology needs.

Starting with an initial assessment with each client, our consulting CIOs review and analyze each client need to determine an optimal approach to meeting each clients’ CIO needs. The result is a mix of resources and specific advice designed to improve the use of technology and information in running your business both in the short-term and for the long haul.

Consulting Engagements generally take on a few different forms:

  • Project-Based – when you have specific concerns or needs with a defined goal or objective, a project-based engagement enables you to plan and execute a specific review, assessment, or set of recommendations within a specific timeframe and/or budget.  Based on extensive conversations with your team, our consulting CIOs are available to start project-based assessments and reviews of this type within 7 business days and can hit the ground running with your needs to provide immediate value based on your timeframes.
  • Advisory Services – our advisory services are designed to provide your organization access to outside information and technology management expertise on an ongoing advisory basis from the board level down to the operational layers of an organizations.  These advisory services provide your organization with access to outside experts when either overseeing technology initiatives or when industry best practice advice is needed to help guide your organization.
  • Hiring Services – our hiring services are designed to assist your organization in hiring the best resources for your technology organization from the CIO down through the entire organization.  With today’s mix of outsourced and insourced services, we provide you with guidance on the most effective means of delivering technology and information services to your organization, then assist you in fulfilling this organizational direction.

Interim/Part- & Full-Time CIO Services

Depositphotos_13962558_l.001Many companies, based on their size or revenue, are unable to justify the hiring of a full-time CIO. Yet, with the pace of change in the technology industry, most organizations still need the expertise and maturity of a seasoned CIO on an ongoing basis to provide guidance, direction, and advice to a management team. CIOs2Go supports clients using several support approaches either on an interim basis, or through long-term, part-time engagements to support your business.

We maintain a pool of experienced director and executive level technology leaders to fulfill each engagement. Our CIOs are continually trained to maintain current expertise and practical experience required to meet the needs of each CIO engagement. Our talent acquisition process ensures the highest quality resources are available for placement across the US and can generally be placed within 7 days.

Interim/Part- & Full-Time CIO engagements include:

  • Interim – Occasionally, you may need a CIO to fill a vacated role while you conduct a search for a replacement and need a CIO on an interim basis to ensure your business continues to run. We maintain a talent pool of resources to ensure we can fill this type of role on a timely basis and keep your business running.
  • Ongoing Part-Time – In many cases, the cost of engaging a full-time CIO on an organizations payroll can be cost prohibitive, especially when executive level benefits are incorporated into the overall cost of the position.   In these cases, our team provides ongoing, part-time CIO support necessary to ensure you still have access to critical skillsets needed to govern technology related issues.  We work with your team to scope the level of support needed based on the level of board level, managerial level, and operational guidance is needed to effectively support your organization.
  • Ongoing Full-Time — As your organization grows, we can assist you in hiring the right long-term resource should the need arise. When you are ready to fill a role and commit to a full-time staff member, CIOs2GO can help you find the right person that meets the defined job specifications and is a cultural fit.
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