CIOs2GO Clients


CIOs2GO,  through it’s affiliation with 2Go Group, has worked with thousands of companies over the years, with CIOs2GO providing senior technology executives with high quality services on an “as needed” basis offered by our consultants or as full-time employees placed by our recruiters.  Our clients represent a broad range of companies of all sizes from start-ups to established Fortune 500 companies both domestic and internationally.

Our list of clients range from small businesses seeking outsourced expert information technology management guidance and execution that meets budget limitations to mid-market and  large, multi-national organizations that seek talent with exacting specifications of expertise or with urgent deadlines  for reliable  project completion.

Corporate Clients


Portfolio Companies

CIOs2GO supports the development of start-ups, rapid growth and pre-IPO companies by working closely with the firms that fund and guide them.

In addition to working directly with Venture Capital firms, incubators, and Angel funds as their senior most accounting executive, CIOs2GO has placed Consulting CIOs with the portfolio companies of many of the marquee firms in the Silicon Valley. In addition, our firm’s recruiting services have placed full-time IT managers, controllers, and ultimately VPs  of Technology or CIOs for those same portfolio companies as they grew and flourished. Lastly, we have developed and staffed board (directors or advisors) and committee (audit and compensation) positions through our Board Advisory services.