Information management concerns can change quickly for any business due to changes in its business, in its financial needs or in its external environment. Staffing a CIO to anticipate and respond to business changes using proven strategies and tactics is a big advantage when trying to avoid business threats, fulfill business obligations or take advantage of business opportunities. CIOs2GO provides technology and information management expertise on an interim and consulting basis and recruitment for direct hire positions. Our team is comprised of seasoned consulting CIOs and professional recruiters who are accomplished in helping CEOs and senior executives understand and address technology management concerns on an “as-needed” basis.

How CIOs2GO is Different: The Best of 2 WorldsCIOs Best of2Worlds

Most companies are either interim consulting houses providing part-time CIOs or they serve as recruiting houses, placing full-time staff.  CIOs2GO is designed to produce significant client value through a interweaving of both consulting and recruiting capabilities, each supporting and enhancing the other.  This arrangement enables us to assess and respond quickly and appropriately to the requirements based entirely on what the client needs as opposed to what we have to sell. Our IT2GO Group provides complementary services to CIOs2Go when more detailed project staffing is required.

Optimal Mix to Fulfill on Tight Budgets and Deadlines

Our hybrid approach enables a seamless continuum of services where a consulting CIO can solve individual needs as they arise and then recruit full-time staff and, if warranted, transition to a full-time CIO as the company’s needs change and grow.  Rather than saddle a client with a more expensive consultant, CIOs2GO is able to assign consulting CIOs to handle the work required for their expertise while delegating less critical tasks to the appropriate team member.  We treat your project and budget the way we would treat our own.

Proven Process for Best Recruiting Results

A unique element of CIOs2GO is the alignment of our recruiters with the consulting group. This tight integration provides access to industry and technical experts that enable recruiters to understand the demands of the roles to be filled.  It also allows them to integrate a consulting CIO into the recruiting process to assess complex technical skills.   With a proprietary database of more than 50,000 candidate relationships, insights gleaned through more than 100,000 phone interviews and conversations with references plus more than 10,000 face-to-face interviews, our recruiting process reliably develops relationships with higher quality candidates. The result is candidates that are a truer match to the needs of the client based on vetting that began before your job opening. Our clients experience shorter recruiting cycles and lower overall hiring costs by reducing hiring risks.


Consulting Services

Depositphotos_7814551_lCIOs2Go provides a team of resources to address the rapidly changing world of technology and information management.   Our team stays abreast with practical knowledge and experience in leading technology organizations. With a deep talent pool, our team is able to keep your business on the leading edge to leverage technology and information to ensure you are making the most of your technology dollars.  READ MORE

Interim/Part- & Full-Time CIOs

Depositphotos_3331673_lMany organizations today operate without a CIO as a core element of its management team.  However, the CIO today is viewed is a key element of business planning as technology is ever present in our lives. We can provide interim CIO services to fill short-term needs, or part-time ongoing CIO services for the long-term in support of your management team. Our candidates are proven technology veterans available to meet every technology need.  READ MORE

Practice Groups

CIOs2GO has established expertise in core information and technology management areas to provide specific expertise to each engagement.  Each practice area addresses a core management need targeted to today’s technology project or operational needs.  Our team of consulting CIOs are continually educated and maintain current expertise in technology trends, needs, and best practices.  Our deep CIO skill base allows CIOs2GO to serve a broad range of industries from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

CIOs2GO Blog

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