Our Business

In business, little happens without competent, committed people and work cultures that keep them engaged. Our team address the full range of challenges to do just that at every stage in a company’s stage in the lifecycle from new ventures, traction and growth, acquisitions and mergers and integrations during exits.

Employees matter more now than ever, as companies respond to new ways of virtual, distributed teams which require creative ways to retain committed talent and to invest in employees who are essential to company resilience and operational continuity and growth.

We address HR needs and practices in timely, creative, customized and constructive ways to meet your needs.

Practice Leaders – Donna Hamlin and Drew Starr

Donna HamlinDonna Hamlin works with clients in all industries to facilitate their strategic planning and business performance improvement. With more than 35 years of experience in strategy, change management, and human performance improvement, she works with clients ranging from Fortune 500 global enterprises to start-up companies spanning more than 40 countries.


Drew Starr has over 25 years of experience leading human resources in large and small organizations in a wide range of industries.   He helps clients build efficient operations and effective strategies that accelerate business performance.   Drew combines HR best practices and practical insights from behavioral science to build customized solutions to clients—always with a focus on business priorities and results.


Who We Serve

Companies of all sizes in any industries in any country for three categories of support:

  • HR policies, practices and HR management for daily operations
  • Specific situations requiring immediate attention
  • Strategic HR and Organization Development programs


HR Operations

We assess what changes in practices and policies should be adopted to conform with local requirements and compliance needs for your business. Based on this, we help with implementation with both management and employees. Examples include:

  • Plans and policies to prepare and implement for new work operations
  • Draft new job descriptions for new roles
  • Compensation and benefits assessments and implementation
  • Coordination for technical tools to manage remote work
  • Training for skills to improve team performance
  • Workforce restructuring and role changes
  • Talent planning facilitation for organizational planning
  • Outplacement management
  • Recruiting

Specific Situations

  • Managing investigations on employee claims
  • Coordinating state or federal audits
  • Crisis management
  • Interim support to address unexpected talent gaps

Strategic Long-Term Development

  • Organization development management for reorganization, growth and change
  • Succession planning
  • Facilitating strategic planning sessions
  • Creating improved work cultures
  • Assessing talent for hires
  • Professional development and training
  • Employee engagement surveys and assessment
  • Team dynamics and performance facilitation
  • Coaching and development
  • Management and employee training
  • Compensation analysis and guidance
  • Best practices for policies and procedures
  • Due diligence for mergers and acquisitions and integration post M&A
  • International HR practices and regulatory compliance

What our clients say:

Gary Katz
Renesas Electronics Corporation
“This team is one of the few HR consultants I know which truly “gets” how diverse disciplines like research, strategic planning, positioning, change management and communications must work in concert to deliver excellent corporate performance. If you want to align your organization’s strategy and actions from the inside out to deliver outstanding results, hire CHROs2GO!”

Mary Davis
Davis Bateson Group, LLC
“CHROs2Go is a very strategic human resources consultancy. They are effective with the senior management team and helpful to them in aligning human capital with the current and future strategy. They are excellent at organizational design, talent pipeline and succession planning, and executive coaching/change management. Their experience ranges from small companies to Fortune 100 in size and complexity, and they are able to provide a value-add service to move a company to optimize its current situation and build-out the capabilities for the future”

CHROs2Go Blog

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