Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

banner-2It’s difficult opening a business in a new region; be it a US company going overseas or a foreign business entering the US market.  Opening a new office can be daunting and frustrating what with the unfamiliar employment laws, local regulations and cultures; not to mention the need to staff an entire office.  Even if you are transferring an experienced or up-and-coming manager from headquarters; how do they find the best talent, enough talent for all the positions, offer competitive compensation for each position, convey the company’s culture and expectation, and open the office for business on schedule?

New Hire CostWhen a business needs to staff an entire office, from sales to finance, from operations to marketing, they are often driven to high risk shortcuts in the hiring process or have very deep pockets.  This should not be an either or choice so we designed our RPO service with the flexibility and range to fit your needs. We offer an extensive range of customized options for high volume and recurring hiring.  Our professional recruiters act as your dedicated team, however at a fraction of the cost of retained or even contingent searches or staffing a full-time recruiter.

Standard 25-30% of annual salary fees are justified for top executives but extremely expensive when hiring a team of sales, software engineers, and administrative personnel.  Hiring an internal recruiting team adds complexity and delay.  Our RPO service is designed for the gap when repetitive or volume hiring is needed in a narrow time window.  We deliver a proven process that can produce qualified candidates successfully in a tight, competitive candidate marketplace.

We assist you with all your hiring needs – opening the office, maintaining staffing levels and growing with your success.  Each client is assigned a dedicated professional, frequently conversant in the language of your home country and destination country.  They know the job market being a part of it every day, they have the contacts to find and assess the best talent, even those currently employed but ideally suited to your needs.  Our programs are tailored to your needs, controlled by you and executed by our professional recruiters.

What We Do for You

Our Recruitment Process

Our Recruitment Process

While our service offerings are designed to fit your recruiting needs at all stages of your business, they also reduce your costs.  We eliminate the non-salary expenses associated with a full-time recruiter and all options are less than the typical fee of a headhunter (25-30% of the first year’s annual salary per position filled).

How it Works

  • Understand Your Process. Before bringing on any RPO provider, you need to understand your company’s existing recruiting processes. Don’t forget to factor in any compliance needs.
  • Identify the Reasons for Selecting RPO. The motivations
    and expectations should be crystal clear. To forewarn, if saving money is your only driver, you might not be headed in the right direction, there should be other tangible benefits such as insuring candidates fit your corporate culture, local regulations are known, high employee retention, planned in career progression.
  • Ask Specific Questions. Develop very specific, tactical questions regarding how each option will accomplish the goals you have in mind. Also, prioritize your requirements beforehand.
  • Commit to a Strategy. Any RPO solution with us is a collaborative process. Many RPO solutions fail because one party has a set-it-and-forget-it mindset.
  • Plan for Change. It’s important to make sure key stakeholders understand the “to-be” state and how it will affect them. Get started on the right track — workarounds, exceptions, and non-compliant behaviors are not easily changed later.

What Does It Cost

We will develop a customized assessment and plan for as low as $2,500 to assess all your needs, company culture, job description development, compensation study results, sources of potential candidates researched/identified/priced, partners researched/identified/priced, and job board advertising and processes identified.  We then charge a fixed per month fee based on time and agreed-upon expenses with a small fee per successful hire from issuing of job requisitions.

In addition to our RPO Service geared for multiple requisitions in a short or recurring window, we offer traditional Placement and Search services in finance, accounting and IT across a variety of options including consulting, contract staffing and direct hire.

Interested in a quote or just have questions?  Please contact us.