Ever considered a career in consulting?

Already consulting but looking for more?

Consulting is one of the most rewarding professions in the world. It challenges you personally and professionally, provides flexibility in where, how and when you work, and delivers an opportunity to produce something of value. Consulting allows you to develop and refine your considerable experience and wisdom across companies, industries and situations, providing indispensable value.

CFOs2GO, a premium provider of financial consulting, is looking for talented, seasoned, creative and pragmatic individuals to work with us and our clients across a variety of functional and industry sectors. Each of our consultants has a background in building and managing the financial and accounting concerns of businesses in the startup, SMB or corporate environment, and have regularly worked at the highest levels in the organization.

What makes CFOs2GO different

CFOs2GO is a dynamic professional CFO consulting services company suited to self-motivated individuals with hands-on experience and strategic skills. Our business values are “Demonstrated Expertise”, “Agility” and “Trustworthiness”, and we seek to live these values in both our personal and professional lives. Our partners are a hand-picked team of leading practicing CFO consultants who customize and provide financial management solutions for client companies.

The company was founded in 1986 and is still managed by a former CFO translating into a firm that is authentic to its roots and in alignment with its purpose. The firm has recognized market expertise across over 19 practice groups. Each practice group, in addition to the CFO consultants, has access to staffing and placement services to assist in quickly fulfilling on client company requests both in the U.S. and abroad.

CFOs2GO Consultants have a few things in common. They are successful individuals who come together to build a practice that allows each Partner to accomplish individual goals while supporting and contributing to the overall growth of the firm. They value the team and realize that it takes more than themselves to be successful. They see the benefits of self-reliance and autonomy while at the same time finding support and leverage through association with a firm. They are generous, with clients and with colleagues.


People choose to work with us in different ways – as Business Partners, Associate Partners, and Advisory Partners:

  • For potential Business Partners, our business model offers considerable benefits to those who are seeking the benefits of affiliation with an established brand and referral network while leveraging their considerable reputation and market identity for providing valuable services. You will manage your own portfolio of clients, have a leadership role in the firm as a regional or practice group leader and leverage a team of consulting CFO and CIO specialists and placement professionals in accounting and technology to fulfill the needs of clients. The Business Partner is a full participant in the firm and shares in the gross margin generated appropriately. The Business Partner is an ideal affiliation for established consulting CFOs.
  • For potential Associate Partners, we offer a unique environment where you’ll get involved in stimulating projects while fostering your full potential through accelerated practice development. An Associate Partner serves in the capacity of practice group member offering general consulting and broad solution design. The Associate Partner works in conjunction with the Practice leader to promote the practice and deliver on projects, while participating proportionately in the gross margin generated. The Associate Partner is an ideal affiliation for new consultants.
  • For potential Advisory Partners, we offer an opportunity to extend their professional reach and experience but to do so with limited involvement. Advisor Partners serve on Board of Directors and Boards of Advisors for small and mid-sized companies or provide strategic direction, general consulting, transaction support and broad solution design with limited participation on the gross margin. This Advisory Partner is an ideal affiliation for partially retired CFOs and former CPA partners with significant reputations and accomplishments.



All levels of CFOs2GO Partners benefit from:

Business team checking planning on agenda

  • Lower cost of sales through leveraged marketing programs and larger service offerings
  • Increased value proposition to clients with professional support from partner group
  • Access to skilled recruiters to serve as sounding board, a source of expertise or arm & leg support
  • Access to large database of clients for professional development
  • Reduced back office paperwork in the form of contract administration, time and billing collections freeing you to focus on your clients
  • Profit sharing and/or participation on gross margin generated depending on level of engagement

If you are interested in learning more,  please contact us.