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As companies grow, they need to be more agile and competitive. CFOs and senior finance leaders are called to be more strategic and provide greater insights and information. They no longer simply “keep the books”.  As a company moves from using a simple accounting system to more sophisticated financial management, the current set up may not be enough.

The reality is if you’re operating on Quickbooks (or other desktop software), you’re holding your company back. Given the power of the internet and the advantages of cloud computing, antiquated, on-premise solutions can’t provide the breadth and depth of capabilities that a growing company requires. It may be time to update or expand your financial system.


Imagine if you could

  • Keep track of the entire operation in real-time, anywhere in the world?
  • Trust that the information you’re using is accurate and representative?
  • Possess “One Truth”; one set of results with no conflicting data?
  • Maintain a system that is hosted offsite, with 99.9% up time, secure and automatically backed up. No servers to maintain / no IT staff to employ?
  • Implement system controls with roles and responsibilities, allowing access to just those parts of the system to persons with a “need-to-know.”?
  • Enable mobility of access from tablets, to laptops to desktop workstations?
  • Configure system workflow to closely match your company’s existing business practices?


Upgrade Your Existing System

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It’s time to upgrade from your on-premise and limited versions of Quickbooks, and you need a partner who can help you define the best blueprint for the future and has the knowledge and resources to help get you there. CFOs2GO designs and deploys cloud-based ERP systems that keeps up with your organization as it grows.


Enhance and Optimize ERP System

You’ve alrCropped 300x200 Mobile worldeady invested in a cloud-based ERP system, but are finding the standard configuration isn’t meeting your individuals needs, and you need a group that knows how to optimize your system with industry options that will make your finances hum.  With our extensive knowledge of the vendor ecosystem, we can identify, recommend and deploy the best mix of add-on solutions to help your company hit their numbers.

Success Stories

  • Installed and implemented an ERP system for a $70 million manufacturer of high tech network encryption devices, giving them greater control over manufacturing costs, and allowing them to rapidly acquire several subsidiaries, including three offshore subsidiaries doing business in foreign currencies.
  • Upgraded and significantly enhanced an existing ERP system for a $200 million manufacturer of metro Ethernet devices after a significant revenue restatement, strengthening internal controls and corporate governance, while resolving company viability concerns.
  • Managed and oversaw the implementation of a $175M ERP project for a large public agency after annual cost overruns were continuing to grow, allowing for improved financial controls, purchasing and payment processes, while eliminating cost overruns.
  • Extended an ERP system to incorporate 100% automated accounts payable processing for a $110M real estate firm, improving the controls over invoice processing and reducing the staff accounting costs by 50%.

How We’re Different

  • Senior, experienced Financial consultants:   CFOs2GO  is made up of experienced professionals who have a track record in creating and implementing financial systems that know the ins and out and can get your system to where it needs to be.
  • Vendor-Neutral: Your objectives are our objectives.  We’re not here to sell you what benefits us and our bottomline.  We’re here to provide you with answers that benefit you.  We want you to buy only that which you need and not any more.
  • One stop shop that can scale for your needs: Whether it’s a single session to help you assess where you’re going, or a complete systems development and implementation, we can scale up or down depending on what you need both on the finance and the IT side.


 Partners  We Work With

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