Technology Practice Group

The business of technology is bigger and more challenging than ever.  From fundraising, to cash flow planning, to pricing it’s never been more critical to get it right.  The Technology practice at CFOs2GO joins forces with your team to get the resolution you need to your financial management challenges.

We have a multi-disciplinary team of seasoned CFOs, Controllers, Accountants, Tax, M&A, Reporting, 409A and Stock Compensation, and other experts to help meet your needs on an “as-needed” basis.

Practice Leaders – John Beasley and Chris Chillingworth

John Beasley is a Consulting CFO with a strong interest in the intersection of technology, business and startups.  With more than 20 years experience in leading early stage companies, John helps clients think through difficult issues from a financial perspective.

John now applies his skills to technology companies. He started the industrial chemical exchange and led an early stage technology company which builds mathematical models of healthcare and delivers them as a software service.  John also served as CFO for a small northern California hedge fund before joining cfos2o as lead partner for technology company clients in all stages of their life-cylces: start-ups, early stage, pre-IPO and public enterprises.

Chris Chillingworth is a Partner in CFOs2GO and has spent his entire career in Finance providing a means, through technology, for companies to not only gauge where they have been, but to expeditiously plan and execute on their future. He has been the CFO of many start ups, as well as a public-company CFO for hundred million dollar companies. Chris has personally been responsible for a number of Oracle implementations, provided post-implementation support in Oracle, SAP, Great Plains, and similar environments, and has written a number of micro-applications in Microsoft Access™ and Excel™ that assist our clients each week in forecasting, planning and managing their operations.

Who We Serve

Early Stage Technology Companies

Every early stage company starts with an idea; a vision for creating something new, cool, and big.  Enormous work is put into the product design, beta code, and building the team. It is often hard to tackle some of the nitty gritty questions you know are important while you do not have the bandwidth or expertise to tackle them.  This is where CFOs2GO supports you.  We help you understand issues about much capital you need to raise and when, what your cash position will look like months out and what levers you have to manage it, whether your pricing covers all your costs, and what your finance and accounting team need to look like.

Rapid Growth Technology Companies

It is an intense time when a tech company doubles in size every six months. If the product/market fit is right and the timing is right, this is exactly what can happen.  The challenge is keeping the business operating rationally while you feel you are being shot out of a cannon.  You do not have to be alone.  CFOs2GO has support for your finance and accounting management as you grow.  It’s very common to need to replace existing finance team members with more experienced staff to deal with the pace of a growth company, to change to heavier weight accounting systems, to install rich reporting software, and to make sure you have enough capital to ride the opportunity.  CFOs2GO has a full spectrum of financial talent available on an “as-needed” basis to help you navigate this very exciting time.

Pre-IPO and Post-IPO Technology Companies

Preparing for approval for IPO requires special changes in systems, procedures and professionals in key roles. We assist companies to ensure they are IPO ready. Changing and adding procedures and working with exchange evaluators to pass muster for IPO approval is far less daunting when our professionals are there to support you. Post-IPO means yet another set of procedures and reporting requirements. We work with financial and executive teams to smoothly transition to quality reporting and financial conformance.


Selected Capabilities

CFOs2GO is designed to meet the needs of tech clients across a variety of areas:

  • Function as the interim CFO and recruit the full time CFO
  • Staff the accounting and finance department by recruiting part time or full time qualified professionals and subordinates to fill those positions.
  • Recommend and implement accounting and related systems
  • Review and recommend revenue recognition policies
  • Develop a stock option plan and advice on the pricing of options and the need for 409A valuations.
  • Facilitating business strategic planning sessions
  • Work with team to raise capital including preparation of forecast and pitch
  • Financial forecast with “what if” capability
  • Review current accounting processes and procedures for both efficiency and adherence to GAAP, SOX and SEC requirements.
  • Provide corporate governance leadership through a consulting Corporate Governance Officer
  • Serve on the Board of Directors as the Audit Committee technical expert.
  • Advise a company on its selection of legal, tax, commercial banking, investment banking and insurance services.
  • Participate in or lead the S-1 preparation team, and drive all regulatory filings.
  • Develop sound cash management tools


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