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The financial services industry is undergoing dramatic change. If you run a credit union, bank, credit card company, consumer finance company or other regulated financial institution, you live in this latest example of capitalism’s creative destruction.  Daily you face the challenge of increasing regulation, disruptive competitive innovation, and changing customer expectations.  This is an environment where traditional banking strategies are proving ineffective as core banking principles have been undermined and regulations declared non-binding on new entrants.

At CFOs2GO we are financial services and technology experts who can assist you in understanding these challenges, evaluating responses, implementing action plans, and managing for growth and success of your business. What are the current disruptors?

If you run one of these companies that are challenging traditional financial services with new uses of technology, our expertise can help you evaluate the risks and opportunities in your business, refine your competitive strategy, improve the efficiency of your systems and respond to growing pressures for regulation. At CFOs2GO we know the profit drivers for regulated financial institutions and their emerging competitors, and we have expertise to call on for any challenge you face in the financial services industry.  Our partners are experts in their fields and our financial services practice co-leaders have been CFOs at several types of financial service providers. All our candidates for interim and full-time positions are CFO recommended and referred.  We also have access to the expertise at CIOs2GO for IT issues and can place a broad range of financial and IT personnel with experience in cutting edge technologies.

 Practice Leaders – Tom Byrom and Jess Gutierrez

Tom Byrom illustrationTom Byrom brings over 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry covering a wide range of leadership positions including IT.  He has served as the CFO of several banks and the CEO of two bank holding companies.  He was the CFO and Chief Investment Officer for a private equity fund that raised $160 million from institutional investors, acquired seven portfolio companies, merged those companies, and exited via two public equity rounds. Tom’s finance expertise covers accounting, tax, treasury, insurance, investor reporting and budgeting. He has managed outsourced relationships with investment banking, legal and accounting firms, and has overseen IT departments with particular expertise in evaluating, implementing and managing of new technologies in financial services.


Jess Gutierrez brings strong leadership and experience in financial management for the banking, credit union, and insurance industries. He has had senior roles including CFO at multiple credit unions and insurance companies where he specialized in financial reporting, internal controls, business planning, financial systems and organization development. Additionally he has expertise in investment portfolio management, manufacturing, telecommunications, and non-profit industries and over twenty five years in working with growth oriented companies.

Who We Serve

Banks profile 150Commercial Banks, Credit Unions and other regulated Financial Institutions

We work with institutions who deliver economic services to consumers and businesses under state and federal regulation.  They are facing increasing market share pressure from non-regulated providers, technology innovation, complexity of regulatory rules and demands from customers for improved speed and ease of service and are seeking expert, unbiased advice to develop solutions and services to compete in this accelerating arena.

Nonregulated Bank prof 150Non-regulated Financial Service Companies

We work with groups who deliver economic services to consumers and businesses with a narrowly focused product line, using the power of the internet.  These include non-bank lenders and payments service providers who operate with fewer restrictions than their regulated counterparts, but with their own set of challenges. They struggle to manage explosive growth, maintain a high caliber workforce, deal with increased scrutiny from regulators, and differentiate from competitors other than on price alone.

Selected Capabilities

We guide companies through the financial challenges resulting from competition, changing regulations, evolving technology and rapid growth.   We help you grow your business and maximize profits.  CFOs2GO can provide project support and source permanent or interim staff to meet any challenge, including:

  • Finservplanning 300Analysis of the threat of new technology on current systems and controls
  • System integration and implementation support, including interim and permanent placement of financial and IT professionals and staff
  • Evaluation and monitoring of regulatory change; including strategic response planning
  • Advisory services for senior management and the board of directors to improve functioning and direction
  • Development of responses to disruptive competitive challenges, such as mobile banking, new payment systems, and peer-to-peer lenders
  • Strategies for managing explosive growth; including implementing financial governance processes for continue rapid growth
  • Strategies to differentiate from competitors on some basis other than price
  • Evaluation of risk management practices and policies, including cybersecurity exposures
  • Coordinate responses to regulatory exams/audits, including capital planning, credit administration upgrades, and correction of operational deficiencies
  • Evaluation of stock option and other incentive plans
  • Upgrade accounting and treasury management functions; including systems upgrades and implementation support and personnel
  • M&A support; including sourcing of candidates, deal negotiation, due diligence, legal coordination, closing, integration planning and staffing during transition

Successful Prior Engagements

At CFOs2GO we pride ourselves on being financial services professionals; we look at technology, regulation and competitors to develop action plans for success.  Our clients benefit from and get the benefit of both our consulting expertise and services of our professional recruiters.

Tom Byrom’s Financial Institutions experience:

  • Fin Serv Biz Mtg 300Conceived and executed a strategic plan for a private equity fund focused on financial services.  The fund researched 75 candidate companies, narrowed the target to 14 and finally acquired 7. The fund then managed the integration and sale of the seven companies.
  • Acted as consulting CFO for a new commercial bank prior to its opening.  Responsible for the implementation from scratch of all financial functions: treasury, accounting, budgeting, insurance, regulatory and management reporting.  Managed the selection of the bank’s major operational systems.  Provided strategic counsel to the CEO and board on all aspects of the bank’s operations, including personnel selection.
  • Served as interim CFO for a bank while it searched for a permanent CFO. Oversaw all financial functions: treasury, accounting, and regulatory reporting. Developed a five year strategic plan and annual budget.  Corrected operating deficiencies noted in a recent internal report.  Provided strategic counsel to the CEO on all aspects of the bank’s operations
  • As CFO and then president, co-managed the turnaround of a troubled bank.  Developed a strategic plan for the bank, and managed its implementation.  Sold two non-strategic businesses. Managed the reduction in overall bank headcount from 120 to 30, including paring the finance department staff from 13 to four.   Rebuilt capital from inadequate to well capitalized.   Returned core recurring earnings to a profit.   Institution sold at a premium to book value.
  • Negotiated a master data processing agreement with a major vendor and outsourced functions for a client cost savings of 20%.
  • Centralized corporate insurance for a client at a cost savings of 20-40%.
  • Developed a stock option program, which provided equity incentives to all levels of management.

Jess Gutierrez’s Financial Institutions Experience:

  • FinServplanning closeup300Strong experience in financial management for the banking, investment portfolio management, manufacturing, telecommunications, and non-profit industries.
  • Specialist in financial reporting, internal controls, business planning, financial systems and organization development.
  • CFO for a San Jose based credit union and a development stage technology company.
  • Senior management roles with financial institutions, technology companies, and served as a director with several non-profit organizations.
  • Grew a banking division from $1.1 billion in assets to $8 billion in assets under management.
  • Managed bank correspondent and business banking relationships and services.
  • Created the operating infrastructure; including locating facility, establishing communications and technology functionality, recruiting strategies, and financial operations.
  • Worked with team to implement Oracle ERP system and was responsible for setting financial policies and procedures consistent with SEC, GAAP and FAS reporting requirements.
  • Developed strategic asset plans to hedge interest rate risk.
  • Specialties include general management, strategic planning, and internal controls.
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