Financial Modeling and Analysis Practice Group

Your business is swamped by information and the lure of Big Data analysis/processes making sense of it all is compelling. But how do you get started and where do you start?  These obvious questions are only the start. We help you dig deeper.

  • How will analyzing the data help you leverage years of financial information, spot trends and bolster the company’s bottom line?
  • How is the uniqueness of your business reflected in the models?

Every company is unique and each business model presents inherent drivers and challenges. Market environment, regulatory landscape, size, growth stage and complexity of your enterprise –they all matter. But regardless of whether you are at the idea generation, rapid growth, maturity or spinning off assets stage, being able to keep your finger on the pulse and quickly refocus your business accordingly is key to ensuring continued success and growth. The precision, accuracy and nimbleness of your planning, forecasting and reporting processes will impact your strategic direction and operating outcomes of your business.

Our financial modeling and analysis practice group provides a customized assessment of your opportunities and challenges. We design targeted scenario analysis and predictive strategic business and financial modeling for all competitive and regulatory landscapes. The consulting CFO can work alone or gather a team of experts and advisors to execute on time-sensitive projects. In addition to our in-house recruiters and staffing experts, we have established relationships with attorneys, bankers and specialty service providers that will lend crucial support for any financial modelling and analysis challenge.

Practice Leaders – Joe Greenhalgh and Michaela Gifford

Joe Greenhalgh is a consulting CFO who applies his extensive experience in financial planning, analysis, and modeling in partnering with the leaders of small to mid-sized businesses to help them improve their companies’ financial performance. Joe co-leads the firm’s Financial Modeling and Analysis practice group and leads the Branded Consumer Products practice group. A versatile financial professional, Joe has broad experience in financial planning & analysis, investor relations, financial operations management, and process improvements that drive increased efficiency and cost savings. He is well-regarded for his communication skills within organizations and with external audiences including banking partners and investors.

 Michaela Gifford illustrationMichaela  Gifford brings 12+ years of strategic planning, corporate development and modeling expertise to lead CFOs2GO’s Financial Modeling and Analysis Practice.  She has successfully guided businesses worldwide as a financial leader, working with firms in the U.S. and Japan (Nikko Asset Management, Ikea, and Rogers Investment Advisors).  Michaela applies extensive language proficiency and financial modeling and analysis expertise to implement plans across multi-cultural environments, realize revenue growth and connect corporate teams in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.  She speaks Swedish, English, Japanese, French and Romanian and has an MBA from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business.

Who We Serve

Growth funded StartupsFunded and Growth companies

Your business is growing so fast and you have so many “hats” to wear that there is little time to reflect on operational metrics.  But you know your long-term success depends on measuring your performance drivers and executing on your strategic vision; checking assumptions against the reality of the market.  We do quick customized assessments of data across products, brands and customer segments and consolidate the financial and non-financial results for a comprehensive insight into key performance metrics and business drivers.  Further, we systematize the modeling for your company’s lifecycle stage, identifying key inflection points when you’ll need to take action or even pivot. Finally, we can supply staffing on a part-time, full-time, interim or permanent basis, all candidates fully vetted and recommended by a CFO.

well-established company 150Well-established companies

Leading your sector does not mean you can put the business on autopilot; there are continued challenges from competitors, changing regulations, economic factors and technology. Plus you are now likely multi-regional or international in scope with a broad employee body representational of your markets.  Continued success means a growing need for reporting and analysis of financial and operational activities. By consolidating results and presenting an integrated view from multiple sources, our practice can deliver financial and operational data that is crucial in leading the strategic decision-making process. We conduct in-depth analysis of key performance, operational metrics and staffing levels, to unlock sources of profitability and areas of growth by product lines and customer segments.

MA Deal 200Spinning-off companies or business units

Focus, all successful businesses maintain their focus. This may mean establishing a new company to develop the new concept or divesting a business unit to preserve company growth. By using financial models and analytics to identify challenges and opportunities for growth or improvement for the business in a given cycle, we work with companies to objectively investigate cost drivers, test probable outcomes, build business plans consistent with strategic objectives and lead the deal execution process.  This is also where our in-house recruiting professionals are able to deliver incredible value; temporarily or permanently filling responsibility gaps as employees stay or go with the spin-off.

MA Deal 150Companies undergoing M&A deals

Along with due diligence, financial modeling is the cornerstone of the entire M&A process, driving the overall valuation and setting the financial expectations in any acquisition. Too often, companies pay or sell at the wrong price and do not know how to best integrate their operations and align their strategic objectives. Our practice helps companies establish the right valuation benchmarks for their acquisition, investment or sale of the business, model the financial impact of the transaction, including revenues, potential operating leverage and synergies, cash flow requirements and handling different acquisition financing structures.  For more details on the buyer and seller side of M&A and the services we can offer see our M&A practice.

Selected Capabilities

Dedicated areas of expertise for the Financial Analysis and Planning practice include:

  • Overhead meeting 300Scenario and predictive analysis to better align with the strategic objectives and direction of the company.
  • Optimizing financial processes and integrating them into decision-making and focused business plans to drive success.
  • Conducting in-depth analysis of key performance and operational metrics, to unlock sources of profitability by product lines and customer segments
  • Driver-based business planning to anticipate and investigate emerging trends that will impact your business three-to-six months into the future
  • Rolling revenue forecasts to sustain long-term operating margins and provide the business with a continually refreshed view of opportunities and challenges
  • End-to-end M&A financial modeling and deal execution, including due diligence, valuation, third party negotiation (e.g. extension of credit lines, term sheet material conditions), and post-acquisition integration project management
  • Utilizing benchmarking to determine the most appropriate cost allocations and forecasting for growth
  • Determining working capital requirements by filtering relevant data for impactful outcomes and identifying key operating cycle performance indicators
  • Improve management reporting by developing simulations of variance against budget to increase suppleness of financial outcomes and confidence level in strategic objectives

As a practice group of CFOs2GO we have the further benefit of accessing other specialty practice group experts and recruiting/staffing services.

Successful Client Engagements

  • Working session 300x200Worked with a SaaS technology spin-off in the M2M/IoT space to prepare the company for sale of ownership stake. Provided valuation analysis, business plan, confidential information memorandums and financial statements forecasts as part of the initial due diligence process.
  • Completed firm-wide business strategy and M&A end-to-end deal execution through extensive research, business case development and workflow analysis resulting in over 50 potential targets with distribution footprints in AsiaPac, Europe and North America.
  • Implemented global KPI measurement process that drove substantial revenue and improved operational efficiency.
  • Developed international competitor model overseeing 300 products allowing firm-level strategic brand management and dominance.
  • Worked with a fast growing SaaS online training company to develop 5 year plan to bring consensus and coherence to management decisions around value creation and exit strategy.
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