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Financial Services for Cannabis Industry

Our cannabis and related industry practice supports clients in the sizable, hyper-growth area of cannabis. Financial services are provided by one or more of our specialist team members who have a thorough knowledge of the intricacies of this high-in-demand emerging field. Depending on the research source, the annualized industry value is $3 billion (legal commerce), with projected growth of $10 billion by 2020. California alone has a current annual crop value exceeding $25 billion and it is now the most valuable agricultural product in this state.

The 2018 California introduction of adult-use cannabis, along with the robust research on valuable medical and health uses for it, create both challenges and great opportunities for businesses in this burgeoning market. Our combination of strategic, operational, life science and financial management expertise provides a full set of solutions for businesses at every stage of growth and business challenge.

With 35 years of experience in recruitment, we have worked hard to build strategic leadership teams which reliably support businesses. We offer both consulting and recruiting services, and your point of contact at CFOs2GO is a pairing of specialized recruiters working in conjunction with a consulting CFO. The cannabis practice group provides a personalized approach to:

  • Financial services, such as alternative banking, investment, capital structuring and financing.
  • Corporate financial oversight, including income taxes, audits, compilation, reviews, accounting, budgeting, forecasting and reporting.
  • Accounting systems, including Implementation of 3rd party software, and managing disciplined accounting protocols for EOM close procedures/financial statement preparation; consolidation of related entities; inventory valuation/reconciliation G/L reconstruction; financial statement setup/corrections for 280E concerns; excise & cultivation tax handling and return filing; and correcting financial records for GAAP compliance.
  • Asset and wealth management, such as investments and succession planning.
  • Risk management, such as insurance, security, access to credit, treasury and operations support.
  • Business development based on new applications from life science R&D, strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, organic revenue growth strategies and sales operational optimization.
  • Strategic planning and talent acquisition, to facilitate strategic thinking about the future of the business and to find the best people to hire to succeed.
  • Business partner services, to ensure businesses have ideal relationships with attorney, bankers, auditors and specialty service providers who can provide solutions specifically focused on client needs.

Regardless of the stage your company, the CFOs2GO partner team is exceptionally qualified to provide a bespoke professional service which addresses the challenges in the cannabis industry. Our team has the integrated experience and capability to successfully help clients develop their business and financial solutions. We have coverage throughout California, with a dedicated office servicing cannibis hotspots in North and North East California, including Emerald Triangle, Napa, Sonoma, Central Valley, Reno, as well as in Oregon.

To find out more how CFOs2GO can help you with your financial services needs within the rapidly-expanding cannabis industry, contact us today on 925-299-4450.



The CannaBiz Team

Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds, Controller
Donna Hamlin
Donna Hamlin
Joe Markunas
Joe Markunas, CFO
John Beasley
John Beasley, CFO
Jess Gutierrez
Jess Gutierrez, CFO
Marc Loupe
Marc Loupe, CFO
Mark Quesenberry
Mark Quesenberry, CRO

“I work with cannabis business executive teams to develop their strategic plans for smart, sustainable growth. Strategic thinking is a team effort to dream and make that dream come true.”

– Donna Hamlin

“Cannabis and its related products, industrial hemp and CBD, are witnessing unprecedented acceptance and growth that threatens to outpace the ability of growers and processors to keep pace. It is why my experience working with vertically integrated “seed to table” operators is an invaluable resource for my clients.”

– Joe Markunas

“I’ve spent the last four years solely working with cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, and dispensaries to help them clean up their books, make informed financial decisions, and raise capital.”

– John Beasley

“I help vertically integrated/multi-entity cannabis companies improve their financial 

management practices, including GAAP compliance, finance personnel talent enhancements and implementing operational finance best practices.”

– Marc Loupe

“I advise and build companies in emerging industries to successful growth paths, with expertise in go to market strategy, revenue growth, branding and marketing, sales development, pricing and incentivization.”

– Mark Quesenberry


As our CFO for almost two years.  John not only ensures our books are right, as he also gives us comprehensive financial analysis, strategic advising, and experienced input as we develop and execute new business ideas.  He’s not just a hired gun. He’s very much a part of our team.

– Colin Disheroon, Founder and CEO, Santa Cruz Naturals

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