“Deeply committed to work together with clients in a relentless pursuit of team success”

Rodney brings a wide range of experiences as a senior financial executive in both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. He supports clients with a collegial, yet competitive, spirit and an acute focus on both company and customer successful solutions.

Rodney actively listens, takes initiative, quickly grasping oft-times complex or not completely communicated challenges and demystifying them into very consumable, effective, and efficient solutions.

Rodney brings to his early stage company clients his extensive background in the technology industry, with notable manufacturing companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Zilog, and Sun Microsystems, as well as work with software, media, and SaaS start-up firms from global locations. More recently, Rodney led a team of senior executives in changing a multi-billion dollar software firm from a perpetual licensing software company to a combination perpetual and SaaS deployment and financing firm. He also led the financial effort in that same firm’s successful identification and divestiture of its “non-core” global divisions.

Despite being a very hands-on executive while in his CFO positions in many start-up companies, Rodney has also led many large teams and diverse organizations in many large global firms. He has experience working with boards and presenting to them. Rodney also helps companies to raise capital, both debt and equity, from several venture capital firms and private placements funds.

Rodney earned his Bachelor of Science from Santa Clara University and course work towards his Masters in Business Administration. He is also a member of Financial Executive International (FEI) and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.


Rodney led a team of professionals in the Sage Business & Financial Planning arena and continuously brought intellect, forethought, and acumen to the planning cycle, reporting structure, and business strategy sessions. Not one to avoid constructive tension, Rodney often challenged the norm or consensus to generate dialogue and progressive friction that led to exponentially better and more comprehensive solutions while doing so tactfully and professionally. I'd work shoulder-to-shoulder with Rodney without hesitation if given the chance again.

– Chad Gardner, CFO at Blytheco

Rodney is a strong financial executive with excellent analytical, communication, and interpersonal skills. I found Rodney to be a great advocate for the business and its P&L. It is great to have a gifted asset like Rodney on your leadership team.

– Joe Bergera, CEO

Rodney's background and wide range of experience have been a huge benefit to RedSeal. I have been impressed with Rodney's business acumen, strategic thinking, and a willingness to roll-up his sleeves helping out in a variety of business and technical discussions. He is truly a welcome addition to any financial team.

– Brian Laing, Advisor at Big Switch Networks

I worked with Rodney as a peer. I had the Corporate FP&A role while Rodney was CFO of the Western Division. Rodney was a team player supporting his Division and while supporting the Company finance activities. He made a major inroads in bringing up the internal control standards which had been weak before his tenure. He also implemented processes to improve the quality of the forecasts submitted to Corporate. He was dedicated and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to work with Rodney.

– Doug May, Senior Director

Rodney provided very good financial support to the Operations group. He did an excellent job understanding the needs of the business unit even if not always explicitly expressed. His work was accurate and thorough. I enjoyed working with him.

– Harrold Rust, CEO at Enovix

While at Ace Parking Rodney was a quick study in learning the intricacies of a very complex business. Rodney showed an ability to be a tough negotiator while remaining very affable.

– Bob Hutlerstrom, Senior Vice President at California Bank & Trust

Rodney worked for me between 1994 and 1996 at Sun Microsystems. He did an excellent job. He has strong financial analysis skills, and he is super at managing relationships across the organization with a highly professional but friendly and engaging style. Rodney delivers results, and he is fun to work with. I recommend him highly.

– Al Castino

Rodney was a great finance partner for our engineering group: he worked with us to carefully manage our engineering expenses and helped us greatly on our business proposals for new projects.

– Ken Okin, Consulting Architect