“Helping to build businesses through personal, consultative finance.”

Bob Weis is a business-building CFO. He works with companies to develop individualized financial solutions that help elevate their business onto a global stage. Bob walks the walk of an entrepreneur and brings that unique perspective both in serving his clients as well as to building and running a responsive consulting and recruiting business.

Bob is the Founder and CEO of CFOs2GO, which he first opened back in 1986. During his start in public accounting and venture capital, he discovered firsthand the importance of looking beyond the numbers to see the motivations and drivers that influence decisions.  He observed and learned from both the successes and failures of the start-ups and companies they served, taking note of the actions of young founders and entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs are a rare breed, and it is in their spirit of growth and exploration that Bob found himself drawn.  During his time working with VCs, he observed the advent of the distributed workforce that produced the Consulting CFO and ultimately hatched CFOs2GO propelling Bob into an entrepreneurial role himself.  In addition, he saw the globalization of businesses and the importance of expanding outside local borders.  Each piece built upon itself and provided the building blocks for a thriving and responsive International Practice Group that Bob personally leads.  He has worked with more than 60 global companies in a range of industries, helping companies set up and maintain operations as well as attract top talent for their US team.

Observant, curious, and dedicated to getting the work done well and quickly, Bob embodies the business-building consultant. He stands shoulder to shoulder ( well, standing at a towering at 6’10” he may be a few inches higher) with his clients to assist them as they chart their way forward. Bob is not satisfied to simply rest as a figurehead or a rainmaker,   he still rolls up his sleeves and is intimately involved in the client work.  This keeps his views fresh and his mind sharp. Like a proud parent, he feels great satisfaction when he can help a client achieve their goals and fulfill on the vision they have for the company.

A committed community steward, Bob also is an active leader in Students Rising Above, where he serves as Treasurer, Chairman of the Finance Committee, Chairman of the Investment Committee and Member of the Executive Committee.

Once cited in “Free Agent Nation” for founding CFOs2GO,” Robert Weis has built his executive career on being a business-building CFO—not simply a numbers guy, but someone with business acumen and entrepreneurial insights that looks at the inspirations as well as the investment. An optimistic, fiscally conscious, and goal-driven financial executive, Bob approaches each new business challenge with his intrinsic flair for innovation, creative problem-solving, and measured risk-taking to drive consistent growth and shareholder returns.


You are a great trusted friend and I appreciate your support and advice. We are truly blessed to have you involved!

– Mark Strathdee, CTO & Co-Founder, Sherpa Digital Media

I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and leadership as our consulting CFO through this acquisition process and beyond. Plus you made it fun.

– Sue Auman, Chief Operating Officer CentreLearn Solutions LLC

CFOs2GO have been a constant and reliable professional team member to us in the U.S., particularly during our recent transaction. Both the quality of the response as well as the response time to each Buy-Side due diligence request were excellent. Moreover, more regularly than not, answers provided by CFOs2GO demonstrated a full understanding of the matters at hand: either the question was refined or the answer came with additional information that proved valuable in creating trust and understanding at the Buy-Side.

– Erik Pieterse, Vice President Global Collect, now Ingenico ePayments




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