Mwape is the rare combination of honed researcher and highly empathetic coach that come together in a strategic recruiting role.  Her international upbringing coupled with her research and analysis skills allows her to uncover relevant background and skills, and to assess and match talented candidates with challenging roles. It is her innate desire to help others, however, that shines through most.  She coaches candidates, helping them prepare and put their best foot forward, thus connecting bay area employers with outstanding candidates who are often overlooked.    She is the Lead Recruiter in both the International and Food & Beverage practice groups using industry expertise and languages to produce exceptional value for both clients and candidates

Mwape was born in Zambia and has lived on three continents and studied six languages, speaking English, Chinese, Afrikaans and her native African language fluently. Mwape loved to visit her grandparents in the family’s rural home where her father and nine siblings were raised.  At the tender age of six, Mwape displayed her tremendous heart and desire to help others when she came to visit. She would spend hours with the rural children, holding classes and teaching and mimicking the same lessons that she had learned at her school in the city,  even bringing her own books and pencils to give them to keep. She intrinsically sought to help elevate others and to share the knowledge that she so enjoyed receiving.  When she was 11, she decided to become a journalist after watching international correspondent Christiane Amanpour report on the situation in Bosnia. She was mesmerized by the passion evident in the journalist and her desire to bring attention to the situations around the world.  Mwape started to pursue journalism, though she knew that she would need to prove herself and build up a reputation.  She chose to first apply her international exposure, both from living in Africa growing up and in China with her mother during high school, towards a dual degree in political science and economics at a small college in Missouri with a surprisingly international student body. She continued her studies with a Masters in International and Development Economics at the University of San Francisco, and completed her thesis back in Zambia looking at how the social capital of the parents directly affects the child’s educational attainment.  She understood that knowledge and learning is intricately linked with surrounding relationships, and how much someone can and will grow is interconnected to how they are fostered and how the knowledge is socialized.

Being a deeply caring and social individual, Mwape sought a job after finishing her Masters that would allow her to put both her extensive research and analytical skills to use along with her compassionate teaching skills. CFOs2GO recognized the amazing potential in her and brought her in as a Research Analyst and expanded her responsibilities to make use of her varied skills.

In this role, Mwape feels that she is back to “helping” which she loves, doing so in a slightly different form through recruiting.  She helps candidates find out what they are looking for in a career and assists them to improve their chances of being chosen when it is the best fit.  She is driven by the positive impact that she can make in that her work could ultimately help someone get a job that changes their life.

Her role is both autonomous and symbiotic with others in the recruiting services of CFOs2Go.  Mwape focuses on fostering the candidates, helping to first identify and then present the shortlist to clients. Mwape’s talent is uncovering the value in the candidate pool, and in particular, recognizing the potential in the international candidates.   As someone with vast exposure to various cultures and international social norms, Mwape is able to identify and advocate for candidates that can provide often unrecognized potential for Bay Area firms with international ties. She understands and reveals the upside of hiring a candidate with valuable technical skills, but who may not be accustomed at self-promotion. She is able to represent them and their strengths, which ultimately benefits both employer and employee in the process.  She remains in contact after the candidate is placed and supports them through the onboarding process to ensure that the placement is successful for all parties.

Mwape works with a variety of small to mid-sized clients who are in the process of growing and building their infrastructure, and where hiring individuals that are committed and can grow with the company is vital. Her clients in the food and beverage industry include manufacturing, distribution and retail; her understanding of this industry enables her to develop accurate and useful job descriptions as well as to identify the best traits and skills needed to fulfill on the duties. Underneath all the analysis, research and preparation, is the heart of a teacher and one that finds satisfaction in helping others to achieve their dreams.