“Consistently develops innovative solutions to improve business results”

As the practice leader for CROs2GO, Mark brings twenty-five years of consulting and industry experience in selling the “intangibles” and bringing together cross-functional teams for a collaborative win.   Focused on the “possible”, he thrives on problem solving which provides the most impact, by the most economical and efficient means.  His work with clients includes sales process optimization, go to market strategy, executive coaching, and fractional sales leadership for growth companies or businesses facing headwinds and seeking to chart a new course.  These efforts follow a method of assessment, recommendation, execution, and ongoing governance which is metric focused.

Mark’s philosophy with clients – and for successful sales in general – starts with listening and an empathetic approach to understanding the current environment, the beliefs held or reasons for its cause, the business impact, the desired outcome or to be state, and what has been tried, thus far. With this perspective, he then maps out recommendations to resolution or goal attainment with risk analysis, and then facilitates the means needed to reach that end, using benchmarks and metrics to measure performance. The initial goal, in almost every engagement, is to look for areas of immediate value that can be brought forward.

Growing up as the son of a career military officer, Mark was an “army brat” accustomed to having to change homes, schools, friends on a regular basis, every two and a half years. While some may see that as instability, it proved invaluable to developing Mark’s adaptability to new environments and relationship- building. This foundation is what he credits to his ability to step into ambiguous and changing environments and focus on what “success” means and how it is attained.

Professionally, Mark cut his teeth in the fast paced, ever-changing nature of Silicon Valley. Shortly after graduating from college, he found himself doing everything from emptying the trash to running an international dealer network, to managing a $7.5M Government Services Contract for a small hardware manufacturer and software development company in Menlo Park. While he had never pictured himself being a sales person (having always pictured the “used car guy”), he quickly found that his degree emphasis in Conflict Resolution, was valuable in bringing deals to fruition and creating strong business relationships.

As a sales and business development leader, he built his career on being the first sales hire for newly formed venture- backed companies (e.g. Financial Crossing, IdentityMind) – taking them from stealth mode to eight figure revenue, and exit. Additionally, Mark has been brought in to reinvigorate and boost sales at struggling firms, prior to acquisition (e.g. Fortent, Dorado). He thrives as a “player/coach”, creating a prospect pipeline, securing key accounts and partnerships, building out sales, business development and customer support teams, defining processes, and putting in place the technology needed for managing the business by delivering sound forecasting and reporting to investors and the board. He has built out teams from one to sixty employees, creating the related compensation structures, incentives, and metrics, and has managed the needs required in a business contraction, including the outsourcing of sales and marketing activities, as he did at GreenPoint.

As a consultant, Mark works with a diverse mix of customers across industries, including consumer packaged goods, financial services, tech, e-commerce, and healthcare. He has built go- to- market plans for foreign companies coming to the US and led their initial sales. He has served on industry panels for innovation and customer experience, and led master classes for international business leaders on best practices for customer engagement

Whether a company is b2b or b2c, it’s sales (and thereby its revenue), are the byproduct of trust and confidence. Delivering that in measurable value for clients and their customers is how Mark measures success.


In a world of empty promises, Mark is a shining exception. He's both customer-focused, as well as realistic as to what can be accomplished in the necessary timeframes. On our projects, we set clear and achievable expectations and delivered them on-time, with quality. He's great to work with and a strong asset to the team.

– Paul Bayer, Cloud Infrastructure Architect, AWS

Mark possesses a high level of knowledge about our industry as well as an in-depth knowledge of the competitors. His strategic approach focuses on listening to his prospects/clients needs and proposing solutions focused on solving the core issues. Mark has a positive attitude and a tremendous work ethic.

– Steve Kolimaga, SVP, LenderLive

I had the opportunity to work with Mark on a number of projects over the past few years. He consistently developed innovative solutions to improve the business results for both of our companies and was adept at resolving differences in a collaborative way. He is bright and self-motivated with an outstanding knowledge of the industry.

– Rich Smith, CMO, Chief Outsiders