“Bay Area native with a passion for building and turning-around companies.”

Jack is a Consulting CFO who specializes in food and beverage working with innovative companies , ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to revitalized businesses via complete turnarounds.

Jack is a born and bred Bay Area native with a passion for the people and businesses that have made the area great. Having grown up in the East Bay with a family deeply entrenched in the very fabric of the community, including streets named after relatives, he developed strong roots and connections that benefit both the long-time resident businesses as well as the emerging upstarts.  With his strong network of contacts nurtured over decades, and an innate appreciation for the culture of the area, Jack infuses his clients with optimism and insights over and above the financial skills he brings to his work.

After graduating from UC Berkeley, much of his early career was spent in both sales for manufacturing firms and real estate development, following in family footsteps.   He established development budgets, coordinated construction documents, designed and submitted program and obtained entitlements and financing for numerous high profile projects.  This experience exposed him to financial deals and laid the foundation for his move later into financial roles.

Jack, in essence became an “accidental” CFO in his role with turning around the failing Granny Goose Foods.  A real estate developer at the time, Jack was approached by a potential partner looking to put together deals for succession projects.  He came across Granny Goose foods that had a WARN notice on it and Jack recognized the business from his high school days, remembering the company with fond memories both as a product and an employer.  He wanted to help save this East Bay institution and knew that it had the potential to thrive.  In the process of pulling together the deal, he and the company realized that his experience as real estate developer was very similar to that of CFO, since it’s all about finance when putting the deal together.  Under Jack’s direction serving as vice chairman, the company turned around the falling $35mm in sales and $3 million losses into $105 million in sales with $5 million in profits within 3 years.

Jack is drawn to innovative companies that are shaking up the industry with fresh approaches.  He likes being where the action is, enjoying the less visible role of CFO, the person behind the scenes that owns the infrastructureand keeps things running smoothly.  He understands that the turnaround, crisis management, and start-up CFO’s job is to make the hard decisions obvious by providing the numbers that justify the best direction. He maintains compassion in the process, understanding that the people who are still with a company when it’s struggling have the heart and the legacy knowledge to  steer the ship back to profitability.

He sees building the financial model for a company similar to how you plan out and enable a city to be established and grow.  Similar to real estate and development, working with companies is a lot like building a city.  You don’t start out with a thriving metropolis on day one.  You have to plan for the small wins and anticipate the big future gains.  You plan out a city, anticipating that it will grow far beyond the current confines and neighborhoods and change its character over time.

Jack serves as Chairman of the Executive Committee of Bay Area American Promise Business Council, the prototype business affiliate of American Promise, the national organization sponsoring the Twenty Eighth Constitutional Amendment to control unlimited and excessive political campaign contributions. Jack has also re-joined the Turnaround Management Association, San Francisco Chapter.


I’ve worked with Jack at the Association for Corporate Growth initially and later at Bedrock Dissero, a management consulting firm. I’ve always found Jack to have the highest integrity and forward thinking. I hope we get a chance to work with each other in the future.

– John Dare, President of Careerlink People Solutions / Vixee

Jack - thank you so much for the big effort that you have put in the company the past six months.  It was a great help for us that you were able to step in and save us in the critical situation we came in when Nancy left.  We are thankful for the work you did on the finance and accounting side of the business, as well as the work put in to organize and form the teams when they were left all by themselves.

– Helle Chr Nissen-Lie, Owner’s Representative to DayOne Baby, Acting CEO of DayOne Baby

Jack - It’s truly been a pleasure working with you. You’ve been a stabilizing force for Day One Baby and I’m going to miss your candor and collaboration.

– Sean Welsch, National Sales Director, Managed Markets, Medela, LLC

Jack - Your assessment and report has given us a financial plan that is really excellent - you clearly spent some detailed time getting under the skin of our finances!  We managed the transfer without too many headaches - thanks in large part to your preparatory work.

– Ben Plumley, CEO, Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation

I and everyone who believes in you is working to make you rich," Jack once said to me. From meticulous paperwork to introductions to some of the most important players in the financial district Jack has repeatedly delivered. He also sources choice deals in his spare time. No reservations; none at all.

– Robin Lee Allen, Managing Partner of private equity fund Esperance, LLC

Jack has delivered a keen sense of financial accountability and empowerment to our leadership team. That new direction has filtered into the organization and improved our outlook and performance. Jack has continued to challenge the status quo or the easy way, pushing to find the best sustainable solutions for our team. I highly recommend working with Jack if your organization needs to be re-invigorated and challenged to perform at higher levels.

– Chris, Cole, CSMO, Organic Spices, Inc.

Jack is an experienced CFO with deep knowledge in food businesses with owned manufacturing assets. Our company engaged him to prepare a debt lending package that went on to be approved. Because of his experience, he has the capability to quickly understand and distill complexity. He also recommended tools and strategies to improve our control and compliance. We look forward to continue to working with Jack as we grow.

– Clarise Owens, A Founder of Healthy Oceans Sea Food Company

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Jack. He is smart, professional, savvy, and easy to work with. I had the pleasure of knowing Jack for over 20 years, and we worked together on several complex projects. Above all, I was very impressed by Jack's ability to wear many hats: CEO, CFO, COO, Consultant, Business Partner, Financial Guru, Mentor, and Friend. As an experienced business leader, Jack is a strategic thinker and earns my highest recommendation.

– William Yee, CFO/COO, Focaccia Café Inc.




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