“There is a better and easier way to scale and sustain the business and it need not be complicated or difficult with the right mindset, guidance, strategy, and execution.”


Brian Dunkel specializes in solving problems related to revenue generation, operating in the three core areas of responsibility assigned to a Chief Revenue Officer: marketing, sales, and customer service. It is through the application of a proven methodology, including structure, culture, strategy, processes, and leadership development, that Brian is able to create a simple, comprehensive system of generating scalable and sustainable revenue growth.

Having spent a majority of his career in the medical device and equipment space, working for companies such a Philips Healthcare, Natus Medical, and Canon USA, Brian’s clients are involved in the manufacturing and wholesale distribution of advanced-manufactured products.

Brian’s consulting projects involve: marketing strategy development, product/service innovation, and pricing; positioning, branding, messaging, and advertising; go-to-market planning, market segmentation, and distribution channel selection; sales strategy, sales operations, sales processes, and data analytics, metrics, and pipeline management; customer service and retention policies and best practices; organizational structuring, culture improvement, and leadership development.

The impact of Brian’s work is, and the results are: a significant increase in top-line revenue, an engaged and motivated sales and marketing team, a higher business valuation for shareholders, and a business built on a solid foundation poised to weather any situation.

With a deep understanding of human behavior and leadership influence, developed over 20 years in leadership roles and markets, Brian helps companies become unstuck and grow their business. Having observed what works and what doesn’t, Brian’s core message is that there is a better and easier way to scale and sustain the business and it need not be complicated or difficult with the right mindset, guidance, strategy, and execution.

Key to Brian’s expertise as a Revenue Growth Strategist is to use a simple, objective, and systematic approach to solving problems, coupled with an empathetic, straightforward, and accountable manner. Brian is motivated to cultivate and share wisdom, gleaned from his years of experience in revenue generating leadership roles, to help business owners and executives connect the dots and nurture their own insights and understanding. While many business owners and executives excel at what they do from a technical standpoint, Brian realizes they sometimes have a deficiency when it comes to maximizing the value and valuation of their business. Brian resolves this by bringing a strong working knowledge of operations, finance, and M&A, all of which provide the acumen to have a substantial impact on revenue generation and growth.

With a vast record of professional experience, international travel, exhilarating life experiences, and varied leadership roles, Brian enjoys serving the community through church, professional associations, and other service organizations. Brian is passionate about the study and application of proven principles in the areas of business, contextual history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and neuroscience. Brian lives in Pleasanton, along with his wife and young daughter, and enjoys physical training, martial arts, motorcycle riding, hiking, and looks forward to getting back into flying one day.


Brian Dunkel’s professionalism with customers and his ability to put the customers’ needs first made him a valuable asset to the client and to the company. Brian has a profound interest and knowledge in many subjects and his insightful business skills make him beneficial to any organization in any industry. I worked extensively with Brian and got to know him as a warm and caring person, both insightful and driven. I highly recommend Brian in any endeavor.

– Raymond van den Dusken, Global Marketing Manager – Surgery, Philips Healthcare, NL

If you are in need of growing your business, or to grow in your leadership capacity, I highly recommend Brian Dunkel as a coach and consultant. Brian helped our company by exponentially growing sales for us in Latin America, California, and Nevada. In addition, Brian served as an advisor for marketing and sales initiatives we enacted prior to the company being acquired by a larger firm. Brian constantly and consistently invests a tremendous amount of effort in being the best that he can be, and helping others do the same.

– Michael Maske, President, ZM Medical, Phoenix, AZ

Brian Dunkel is a true sales professional. Brian led the charge in developing a go-to-market strategy and then executed by building a direct sales channel that grew sales in multiples year over year for our manufacturer-clients. If you need help with accelerating sales growth and increasing your market share, you needn’t look elsewhere for expertise in doing so.

– Geoffrey Ortiz, President, So-Cal Medical, Malibu, CA

Brian Dunkel absolutely delivered. Brian was retained to help in supplying our Executive team with strategic direction and focus, and to fast-track sales management competency. The outcome was achieved and we have achieved increased levels of effectiveness. Brian was professional and accountable and I would highly recommend Brian to any business owner needing to quickly close competency gaps and to grow sales revenue.

– Bill Wheeler, President & CEO, Black Tie Transportation, Pleasanton, CA