Bob’s excitement comes from working with clients where he can passionately purse his professional purpose to fund and commercialize new, unique and effective medical technologies which improve people’s health.

Prior to joining cfos2go, Bob served as CFO and sometimes COO for two decades, developing deep experience in raising funds and commercializing technologies. He is capable to deal with the complex integration of the regulatory, clinical, reimbursement, manufacturing, sales and marketing requirements for launching medical products and quickly growing revenue.

Bob’s early experience created a path to the work he does today. He earned his degree in economics and industrial engineering from Stanford and served in the Marines in Viet Nam. While on duty, he took a mail order course about Security Analysis and immediately was intrigued and set his goal to become an investment banker or security analyst. Early on, he was interested in math, numbers, and solving complex puzzles so the stock market with a strong sense of competition guided his professional interest in finance. With that in mind, he attended Columbia’s MBA program, with a focus of finance and accounting and worked on early programming tools that are the foundation of what we know as excel tools today.

He joined GAF Corporation, a billion dollar revenue conglomerate, where he designed and drove a plan that resulted in the sale of 30% of the company, significant improvement in profitability, a 40% increase in the stock price and his promotion to CFO. Further, he served as Treasurer of Mead Corporation,  a $4 billion revenue company with a high floating debt position at 13% interest rates and a recession in the paper industry.  He secured creative and sizable funding of more than $3 billion during 6 years. Along with several large acquisitions.

Bob’s values and sense of purpose that him focus on health issues and turned his skills and experience on funding and commercializing of unique and effective medical technologies. Having lost his mother to cancer early in life, he recognized how making treatments available could help people and families live more fulfilling lives. He now focuses on funding and commercializing unique and effective medical technologies.  Life science companies are different from those in other industries because funding and the commercialization require a complex integration of regulatory, clinical, reimbursement, and manufacturing endeavors as well as the typical sales, marketing and finance tasks. His intrigue in the multitude of new, unique and effective technologies under development by many companies, keeps him excited.

A collaborative leader who likes to work with people and be supportive of others, Bob contributes his financial expertise and analytical problem-solving approaches to help clients achieve their goals.

A resilient and active man, Bob finds time for his family, cycling and Zumba classes for a life of full-expression.