About Accountants2GO

Accountants2GO is a premium staffing company offering boutique services to both employers and candidates for over 25 years. We evaluate both the candidate and the employment environment to establish a fit between talent and the employers needs, matching across a range of accounting and finance specialty areas.

We do contingent, exclusive contingent, and “container” placements for Fortune 500, midsized and small businesses.  Container placements are a hybrid form of placement contract where a small retainer is paid upfront but the bulk of the payment is contingent on the hire. Container is a coined placement industry term made up of the terms “contingent” + “retainer” = “container”.

Our Guiding Principles

Accountants2GO consistently delivers on two key client needs: Speed and Quality.


You don’t have time to wait for the talent you need. You need the new talent to be able to hit the ground running with a full, working knowledge of your financial systems and applications.  Accountants2GO maintains a continuously updated database of financial and accounting talent and is able to fill a position anywhere in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.  We conduct deep interviews so we can match candidates based on current relevant experience relating to your entire job specification.

Screen selecting candidates 300smOn the job seekers side, candidates need to be placed and working immediately. Our long standing relationship with our clients ensures they trust our recommendations.  We only send candidates that are an ideal match to the role and worth consideration.  What that means to candidates is that they are only presented when there is a good fit. Before presenting credentials to a company, candidates are educated on the company background, the job requirements and how the opportunity fits into their career ambitions.  Candidates sign an Authorization to Refer so that they control where their resumes are being presented.  We never present a resume without approval from a qualified and available candidate.



As an employer, you require quality candidates.  Every one of our candidates is vetted through an established talent acquisition process.  Our extensive criteria and qualification process  — along with our linkage to CFOs2GO and IT2GO which offers consulting services led by Consulting CFOs and Consulting CIOs  — differentiates us from staffing firms that play a numbers game and focus on quantity over quality.  A candidate who passes our evaluation and interview has a tremendous leg up on placement.

Employment contract meeting 300smTypical staffing industry norms suggest that for every 100 resumes, only 10 candidates are personally interviewed with only 1 or 2 placed. At Accountants2GO, we have an entirely different perspective and process. We start with every applicant being CFO-referred/referenced.  This means our database contains resumes of qualified candidates.  We then evaluate and interview to identify specific accounting and finance experience, system, and application knowledge.  We send only candidates to you who precisely match the needs in the job specification.  This substantially reduces the cost as well as the risk of hiring and, for candidates, increases the likelihood of being hired.

Client Success Stories

  • Placed a 4 day/week part-time accountant  for a South Bay non-profit to maintain books and provide high value expertise.  Worked with Executive Director to assess requirements and budget limitations and was able to find high quality individual that met their budget constraints.
  • Worked with San Francisco engineering firm that unexpectedly lost its accounts payable accountant.  Within 24 hours, placed a temporary accounts payable accountant who was ultimately converted to the full-time permanent staff.
  • Worked with an East Bay, rapid-growth social media company to hire their first full time accounting staff member.  Vetted and placed a candidate who met the demanding standards of the VP of Finance of this venture-backed start-up.
  • Placed an Interim Assistance Controller within 3 days for a San Francisco-based entertainment company that required a unique blend of industry knowledge and financial expertise in the candidates. Controller matched cultural fit common to the entertainment industry as well as strong financial and cost accounting skills and was able to immediately contribute with little instruction.   Individual eventually converted to the full-time, permanent staff.


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