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John Welch

John is deeply dedicated to meeting the needs of his client businesses, including family-owned entities … Read More

Denise Howell

“Denise brings to CFOs2Go more than 20 years of experienced public and private sector finance … Read More

Financial Services Practice Group

Strategic guidance, planning and recruiting services for regulated and non-regulated financial institutions. Read More

Tom Sheppard

“Helping businesses cut through complex challenges with smart strategies and personal attention to make right … Read More

Jess Gutierrez

Getting non-profits back on track with refreshed systems and optimized staff to fulfill their mission. … Read More

Robert Weis

Bob is the founder and CEO of CFOs2GO. He established the 2GO Group in 1986 and is currently most actively involved with the international practice of CFOs2Go, helping companies set up and maintain operations as well as attract top talent for their US team. Read More