John has spent his management career primarily as CFO of small market capitalization and public companies with sales ranging between $50 million to $6 billion. Much of his experience relates to companies with significant inventories and capital investments, with both public and bank debt. He has extensive experience dealing with the various constituencies including public investors, rating agencies, lenders and the SEC. John’s areas of expertise include balance sheet management issues, including cash flow crisis management, inventory optimization, fixed asset utilization assessment and lender negotiations both on originating loans and loans with compliance violations. With prior operating management experience John also has an expertise in rapid implementation of performance improvement measures.



  • The Issue – May 2016A Financial Case Study: Improving Retention Rates of New Mothers with a Corresponding Reduction in Health Care Costs. In this issue, In this issue, John Luttrell teams up with one of his clients to detail a high value ROI practice in a case study that few have considered. He details the underlying research, implementation and ancillary benefits; including improved employee retention and lower health care costs. As always, if you would like to further discuss the topic please contact John. Read More