Joe Greenhalgh


Joe leads the firm’s Branded Consumer Products practice area, which specializes in financial services to companies developing branded products for consumers. A versatile financial professional, Joe has broad experience in financial planning & analysis, investor relations and financial operations management and process improvements that drive increased efficiency and cost savings. He is well-regarded for his communication skills within organizations and with investors and banking partners.

Joe gets great personal satisfaction from solving problems that help companies improve their performance. He applies his unique skills to every project he undertakes, including his analytical and open-minded approach to problem-solving, strong communication skills, ability to speak candidly to senior management and to do it credibly and respectfully, flexibility and adaptability, listening skills, and a low-key sense of humor used to enhance communications and relationship.

Prior to joining cofs2go, Joe served as Vice President of Corporate Financial Planning and Analysis at Logitech, Inc., where he held a series of increasingly responsible roles during his tenure since 1997. His experience at Logitech, a company with sales that grew from $300M to $2.4B during his tenure, deepened his competencies in global finance, investor relations, treasury, and corporate financial planning. Before working at Logitech, Joe served as Director of Financial Planning and Analysis at Esprit, the privately held apparel company and as Financial Operations Manager at Digital Equipment Corporation.

Joe earned an MBA in Business Administration and Bachelor of Science at Santa Clara University, where he appreciated the Jesuit emphasis on the importance of thinking for oneself rather than simply accepting what one is told.

Joe is grateful to be a native Bay area resident. Joe and his wife enjoy living on the coast with the ocean views and life with four dogs keep them both entertained. It also helps Joe maintain perspective about what is important in life.


Joe is very analytical and thoughtful in his approach. His attention to detail always gives me good confidence that his work will stand the test of time. He is proactive, thorough, reliable and always willing to help in any way to support the overall business needs.

– Mark Hawkins, CFO, Salesforce

Joe has a good analytical mindset. He is a quick "study" on issues which allows him to easily and quickly focus on the critical point. This attribute combined with his intuitive understanding of the business is a great asset. Joe is a very good advisor to myself and the CEO. He's honest and direct and he always provides an outside-in perspective that is helpful in numerous ways.

– Erik Bardman, CFO, Globality

Joe thoroughly analyzes a problem and addresses all pertinent issues. It’s rare I have to ask Joe to go back a second time and add more meat to his analyses.

– Kristin Onken

Joe is very good at distilling an issue down to its essence. I appreciate his balanced point of view and I find him to be highly trustworthy in all circumstances.

– Mark Hawkins, CFO, Salesforce

Joe does a very good job of using analytics and other data points to look at issues holistically and he thinks about all of the ramifications. It's this approach that makes his views and insights very valuable to the company. He is a "challenger" in an appropriate and constructive way. He asks excellent questions that push the thinking of myself and the CEO.

– Erik Bardman, CFO,Globality